Fairways is a sponsored fund to provide disadvantaged junior golfers with access to membership, lessons and practice facilities. Our purpose is to develop golf at the grassroots while also supporting golf venues, professionals and the industry as a whole.

I had the idea to start Fairways while golfing on the north coast of Ireland in April 2016.

The blogs listed follow our story from initial conception to golf clinics in India.

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Springing Back to Canada

Bolivia Without Bounds

Himalayan Fairways

The Best Exotic Tollygunge Club

Celtic Canada

Waitress Just A Minute

Tour De Tiffany

Tiffany The Brave

Nepal’s Golfing Pinnacle

Greener Grass

Getting Amongst It

Finding Tiffany

La Paz of the Puzzle

Golf Springs Eternal

Miss Persistence 

Hard Yardage

Santa Cruzing

Connectivity Capers

Flight of Fairways

Hawaii Away From Home

Bolivia Or Bust

Empower to the People

The Fairways Tapestry

Jack Newton Junior Golf 30th Anniversary

The Gift of Golf


We Have Lift Off!

Fairways Meets Team Pratima

Touchdown Tiff

Doing it Tiff – A Brief Biography 

Putting is Such Sweet Sorrow – Tiff in India – Pt 6

Don’t Sweat It – Tiff in India Pt 5

Royal Rumble – Tiff in India Pt 4

Pro Touches – Tiff in India Pt 3

Tollygunge Twister – Tiff in India Pt 2

Kolkata Capers – Tiff in India Pt 1

Cluey in Calgary

Give Everything

West Bengal or Bust

Eyes on the Prize

Tiff Does Toronto – Part 2

Tiff Does Toronto – Part 1

The Campbell Trio

Go Tell a Golf Story

Fairways’ First Cadets – The Shaw Boys

Life is a Fairway

How to Run a Global Golfing NFP

Fairways’ First Kids

Women’s Golf Day on Long Island

Initial Reaction to the Fairways Idea

Setting Up the Fairways Team

Origin of Fairways

Fairways logo