Bolivian Dreams

Bolivian Dreams – February 2018.

After having a couple of knock backs for Fairways, I was feeling a little defeated until I received this letter from Edwin in Bolivia.

This is why I do what I do.

February 05, 2018



Dear Jeremy and Tiffany,

I would like to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for giving us the possibility to play the best game in the UNIVERSE.

We were waiting for someone that can give us a chance to stop the violence and delinquency in “El Almendro Community” On 2016 I met you Tiffany by internet, then the magic happen. You came to Bolivia in 2017 and you made the children’s dream come true. I was trying to teach them golf with values to stop the alcoholism on children, but it was not easy, playing on the soccer course with just 89 golf balls. FAIRWAYS FUND sends us a lot of golf balls that year, and then we start to practice better.

Dear Tiffany when you arrived to Bolivia the last year you changed the view of the Bolivian golfers; a lot of people think that GOLF is only for rich people. The Fairways Fund showed us the difference that everyone in the world can play golf with no borders. As the kids trained “THE GOLF BALL DON’T DISCRIMINATE, IT JUST WANT TO BE HITTEN WELL”. With your help we played the Tournaments into the GOLF BOLIVIAN FEDERATION all 2017, we hope to participate on 2018 if God give us the possibility.

Thank you once again for your kindness, generosity, time and effort that you both put into changing the future of our children. You changed our lives for better.

Words cannot express how I feel. I DO THANK YOU!!!

Kind regards,

Edwin Fernandez Huayhua

I have never met anyone who works harder to play golf than these children.

I would like to give them the gift of golf this year and help them play in all 6 tournaments in 2018.

Can you help us?

Please share our story and buy an Awesome 4some or donate your weekly coffee money to help keep a fairway under their feet.


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