Sony Open – Missiles & Moving Day

Sony Open – January 2018. I have spent the last couple of days getting in before most and watching the sunrise over the water out the window of the media centre.

Nicest view I have worked with.

I had the pleasure of catching up with Melissa Dupuis who works with a few golf courses here in Hawaii – we had connected via Ka’anapali and it was great to catch up, have a golf chat and talk all things junior golf.

Yesterday morning was quite eventful. Firstly, I got to my rental car outside the apartment block where I have been staying to find someone had sideswiped it during the night. Not too much damage but damage enough that I needed a police report for the hit and run.

I spoke with a cop at a service station then continued to the golf and was sitting in the media centre for about 20 minutes as I phoned the insurance company when I was interrupted by a missile alert. There was a little panic and fear as we were told to evacuate as the message said “seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill”.

I finished my call, looked at Doug (someone else in early) and we shrugged and stayed where we were.

I did message Dave and we chatted as we both searched the internet trying to find if indeed the missile threat was real and whether my face was going to melt off. It is not like there is a handy bomb shelter I could have run to.

Dave cheekily said if a missile did hit, I wouldn’t have to worry about the rental car.

It took 35 minutes before another alert was sent to all phones saying “There is no missile threat or danger to the State of Hawaii. Repeat. False Alarm”. Apparently someone accidentally hit the wrong button.

I had to call the police to arrange a report on the vehicle and after all that you can imagine that 911 was engaged for hours. I did get through and the cops were great. Not even 5 minutes after I phoned an officer arrived and completed a report in the parking garage of the Kahala Resort.

As the policeman headed back to his car, two workers investigated, wondering if I was ok and asking what had happened. They were worried that something had occurred on their property.

The golf was well underway before I got out to watch but first I stopped at The First Tee, Hawaii in the Spectator Village and caught up with Jason and Kellan.

Jason asked about Fairways and how our Awesome 4somes was going as he is the 1st Assistant Professional at Hoakalei Country Club who have donated a tee time and he said as soon as we sell it we could get another one for this year. If fantastic course is one you have on your bucket list check out our website for more details.

I was then off to watch some fantastic golf. I love the 17th hole at Waialae Country Club and watched a few groups come through although I did miss Tony Finau’s hole in one but I certainly heard the cheers.

I went in the opposite direction of the Spieth Swarm (happily so) and bunkered in beside the 14th fairway watching the drives while also keeping an eye on the 2nd shot on the 16th.

The weather was very warm and while I was happy with my big sunhat, I would have loved an umbrella too. I might have had umbrella envy.

Moving day didn’t see anyone run away. Tom Hoge (-16) has the 54 hole lead and sits one stroke ahead of Harman and Kizzire. There are 8 players within 5 shots of the lead.

There will be some exciting golf today as the players weigh up the risk/reward and attempt to become the Sony Open Champion on it’s 20th Anniversary.

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