Aloha from Maui – Sentry ToC

January 2018 – I arrived in Maui New Years Day and had an anxious wait for my golf clubs as they took longer than usual to come through the airport. As I spotted a guy bringing them through I went to take them but he put a hand up and stopped me then waved over someone else.

He explained that my bag (the new one I purchased in September – my 5th in 3 1/2 years) was damaged beyond repair and gave me one of the wheels and it’s surrounds.

I had to replace my bag here in Maui to get a credit for the damaged bag so it was off to the mall. I was heading there for a sim card anyway however there were no luggage stores.

Once connected I sat and googled luggage and headed off to Lahaina. No luck for a golf club cover bag so I rang Ka’anapali Golf Club and headed there. Not much choice but I did get both a bag and time to chat with Kevin in the store and Sutee who I am golfing with early tomorrow morning.

We chatted about Fairways, golf in Maui and his golf story.

I drove to Kapalua then headed to the beach for a nap in the car as I was meeting my host for the week, Michael after 5pm.

Tuesday I was up early for a morning run and smiled looking at the water as I explored Lahaina on foot.

I was here for work so I headed off to Kapalua for the Sentry Tournament of Champions. Settling in to the media centre I caught up with folk I know and made some new contacts before sitting in on Spieth’s press conference.

I walked up to the driving range – hmm what a walk that is and sat at the range chatting with Les and Tim who had been volunteering at this tournament for years. We talked golf and fishing before I left them to find my friend Kevin in the TV compound.

Kapalua is an amazing course. The views are breathtaking and as Sentry CEO, Pete McPartland said in the opening ceremony this morning “how can they concentrate on their game with that to look at”.

Wednesday was the ProAm and as per usual I spent most of my time on the course chatting with volunteers. They come from all over the US to watch amazing golf in this island paradise.

I was planning to walk more holes but decided that I will save my legs for the rest of the week.

So I went back to the media centre for defending champion, Justin Thomas’, press conference.

Thomas is hoping to raise the new trophy and feel it’s weight but didn’t want to touch it when it was unveiled in the press conference. I had tweeted a photo of it a few hours earlier when I saw it on the 11th tee with a film crew.

Thomas made me smile when he responded to what motivates him “I just want to win because I like winning and I like trophies and I like beating everybody else and that’s enough hunger and motivation for me, I think.”

He tees off with good friend Spieth in a little under two hours so I am going to head up to the driving range to watch them warm up.



2 responses to “Aloha from Maui – Sentry ToC

  1. Tiff,

    Too bad about the travel bag but I think everything else Maui and Kapalua has to offer will be more than worth it! I’m definitely jealous right now, I really enjoyed my time at the Tournament of Champions a couple years back, and there’s no shortage of things to do or places to golf elsewhere on Maui. Enjoy!


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  2. Hi Josh,

    You are right, it is awesome here and this morning at sun up I played at Ka’anapali. The golf is fantastic and the weather in Hawaii in winter is unbelievable. I am also looking forward to the Sony Open next week.

    Hope you are well.
    Cheers, Tiff


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