Narooma Golf Club

Narooma Golf Club – December 2017 Dave and I were headed on a road trip to Victoria and had been told by a few people if we went through Narooma we had to stop to play the course. So we made that part of our plans and snuck in another round between driving.

“Narooma is one of the most picturesque courses I have played” said Dave after 7 holes. I tend to agree and I have played a couple.

The first 6 holes are between the clubhouse and the ocean and have stunning vistas from every angle. There are multiple changes in elevations and the undulations of the course in conjunction with blind shots make it a great test for every level of golfer.

As it was fairly quiet, numerous times we shot up hills in our cart to see where we were playing to and I must say I am glad we did.

The 3rd, Hogan’s Hole, is a cliff side shot over water. Dave donated a ball – as I am sure hundreds of others have before him and while I tried to go for it I ended up safe off to the right.

The 7th hole runs away from the clubhouse and then you are off around the edge of the property into another type of course altogether. There is quite a difference from the wide open fairways on the front to the tree lined narrow fairways on the back.

A lot of water comes into play on the back as multiple holes run adjacent to a lake. There are still changes in elevations but you are now negotiating around lots of trees.

Dave and I have a continued competition going and on the last four holes he brought out his A game. We were both shocked at his second shot on the par 5 16th that ran through the green as we were looking well short for his ball.

I have loaned/given Dave a 5w that I picked up second hand in Ireland last year and it plays so much better in his hands than mine. The Hawk (a Callaway Hawkeye) now resides in his bag and I borrow it as I need it then shake my head at my once favourite club.

We were not going to break any course records as the stunning course kept us on our toes and we didn’t score well but our competition was fierce.


We went into the back nine with Dave one hole up and after me winning the first two then halving the next three I was quite content until Dave won the next four holes in a row and won the match.

Post round we headed into the clubhouse to have lunch overlooking the water however we were not able to get anything besides coffee and cake so we headed off to eat elsewhere which was the only downside to a wonderful Sunday morning by the sea.

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