Mollymook Golf Club – Hilltop Course

Mollymook Golf Club – Hilltop Course – December 2017 I didn’t realise how far Mollymook actually was from Wombarra so it was a little road trip for Dave and I to get there.

I had arranged to golf with Luke Grinham from Jack Newton Junior Golf as we were meeting about the underprivileged junior golfers in his area and how Fairways could work to help keep them out on a golf course.

Dave and I arrived early after stopping for breakfast pies and had a chip and putt off. We can’t seem to help ourselves but compete.

We didn’t get a chance to hit balls on the range which always works to my advantage when we play.

Dave and I had the cart packed and were waiting for Luke to arrive when a gentleman beside us asked if we were about to tee off as he was heading out on his own. We invited Terry to be our 4th as Luke arrived.

Luke and I headed inside to meet Barry West, Director of Golf, and we chatted about junior golf, Fairways and how we can work together.

It was a stunning day, around 30 degrees celsius, so I coated myself in sunscreen (might have forgot to do my legs) and we headed off to the first tee.

Mollymook Golf Course has multiple gum trees lining the fairways like a guard of honour. Luke knows the course well and was able to guide us around which was very helpful considering some of the blind shots we were playing.

The course meanders over the hill (hence the name of the course) so you are playing up or down the slope as you project your ball ever closer to the hole.

I was playing ok. I hit some great balls but did dropkick my 3w a couple of times and actually had my first air swing in a long time. Dave magnanimously offered for me not to count it (I declined) after he took a photo at the perfect moment. Me kicking up a divot inches behind the ball while the ball sits unmoved.

The dog legs and 90 degree turns were the most I have ever played on any one golf course and I loved the challenge. That said it would have been tricky without Luke showing us the way.

I donated two balls to the course (or perhaps we say the neighbours scored another golf ball) but I was chipping very well.

The back nine starts with the 10th running straight down a hill and you just whack it and hope for the best or perhaps that is just me.

Water comes into play on a lot of the holes on the back 9 (one pond collected my ball) however I negotiated the rest of the water hazards no problem.

Luke can certainly pin hunt and was hitting some fantastic shots while the rest of us were hitting more good than bad.

I managed to beat Dave in our match play and we even reduced the number of strokes I get to 10 however I am cheekily aware that no warm up does not bode well for Dave’s front nine and that is where I took full advantage as I have no problems heading to a tee cold and teeing off.


Luke and I had a good golf chat about the courses he looks after in his region, as a big chunk of his area are low socio economic families and we discussed how we can help support the juniors who want to continue golfing.

Mollymook is a fantastic course that is in awesome condition. The greens were very fast and I overshot many a hole as per my aggressive putting but I usually sunk it on the way back.

Dave’s putter was working very well with 30 foot putts stopping inches from the hole and Terry sunk some great putts too while Luke got a lot of boring pars.

The weather was fantastic with a light wind that didn’t effect us (Dave just said it was more the bad swings that were our problem).

Post round as Luke headed off to teach, Dave and I hit the road for a return road trip north.

Great day, great company, fairly good golf.


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