Campbelltown Golf Club

Campbelltown Golf Club – November 2017 When I arrived back in Australia after 8 months overseas, I touched base with a Scott Martyn a golf professional who I knew in the Southern Highlands. Turns out a few months back he moved to Campbelltown Golf Club to pursue other opportunities.

I have known Scott for a couple of years now so we arranged to meet and chat about Fairways and his junior program at the club.


Dave was visiting me from Canada so we arranged to go a day that he was here so we could challenge each other in match play.

While I grew up in the area, I wasn’t actually sure where the golf course was and when I arrived I was surprised that I would have driven past it for years without noticing it – in my defence I would have been in my late teens and not interested in golf at all.

Dave and I checked out the stock in the pro shop before Scott and I met and as we chatted Dave wandered off to practice his putting.

Scott and I talked all things golf, junior golf and our new adventures. I filled him in on Fairways, Awesome 4somes and that we now have some PGA TPC courses that have donated a tee time for us to auction.

Dave and I then headed out to tee it up. We met with three gentlemen on the 1st tee who told us to go ahead as one was walking and Dave and I were hoping to wizz around in just over 3 hours to play 18 and get back in time to return the cart.

Dave shook his shoulders out, had a couple of practice swings and while the four of us looked on he smacked his ball directly into the water in front. I burst out laughing – I couldn’t help it. He grinned as I threw him another ball on the way to my tee and proceeded to whack my ball into the trees on the other side of the water. The fairway is massive and Dave’s second ball screamed down the fairway at some distance.

He can certainly hit a ball well.

I had a tricky shot from under the trees popping my ball back onto the fairway as I took my punishment and I limped up to the green mishitting and laughing all the way.

While Dave won the first hole I managed to halve the second then he won the next two. Now I was warmed up, I won a couple in a row, but ended up three holes down by the 18th.

It is a Championship course that was built particularly as a golf and housing development, maximising the amount of houses that back onto the course. There are quite a few blind shots and Dave and I both commented that it would be handy playing with a member that could show us the way.

Instead we stopped at every hole and looked at the tee sign to see what was in front of us as there is no map on the score card.

As with any course you play for the first time, you make mental notes of how you would play it different the second time.

The 9th and 16th were Dave’s worst holes and yet my best ones. It may be that the big hitting was no advantage here as Dave’s ball (and his provisional ball) both vanished even though we saw the direction they went. The 9th was probably my best hole. Great drive, fantastic 3w that curved towards the green and while I just missed the birdie putt, I skipped off the green with my ball, very happy with a par.

There was not too much good golf for me out there that day so I will take what I can get.

Dave and I heckled each other a little and tried to putt each other off putts but it didn’t matter his new putter just dropped balls from all over. He might have a little skill too.

It was wonderful to catch up with Scotty and see what he is doing at his new course working to develop junior golf in the area. I look forward to watching his progress and hope to work with him in future.


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