CP Canadian Women’s Open – Brooke’s Brigade

August 2017 – It is Saturday morning and Brooke Henderson is due to tee off in 20 minutes. She had a multitude of people holding their breath wishing her well as she putted on the 9th yesterday afternoon. After getting a bogey on the 8th she had to birdie the 9th or miss the cut.

I was standing on the 15th tee trying to see the 9th green over the heads of the crowd.

I can only imagine the pressure she felt thinking that +1 would be the cut and trying to get a stroke back.

Today she can just go for it. She has nothing to lose.

I have been in Ottawa (my first visit) since Monday and what a beautiful city!

Tuesday was wet, very wet after a massive storm cell passed through. Trees uprooted and very soggy on the ground. I attempted to play at Hylands Golf Club with Joe (my host here in Ottawa) and got two holes in before the sideways rain started and within 20 minutes we were told to get off the course as another storm came through.

I was only at the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club for a few hours in the morning on Wednesday before I headed off to golf at Loch March Golf and Country Club with JP Hamel (a friend I had made on PEI this summer).

It was a great afternoon of golf but so very long. 5 hours and 45 minutes is just way too long for a round of golf. The company was good so that does help.

Thursday I was out on the course tweeting when I got a phone call from Darquise from Footjoy who wanted to introduce me to someone. Claude Leclair owns Casselview Golf and Country Club with his brother and is part of the NGCOA. Following a good golf chat we ended up hanging out together in the Skybox on the 18th watching multiple groups come in.

Great spot to watch the golf.

Claude connected me with the Regional Director and the CEO of NGCOA (National Golf Course Owners Association Canada) who I hope to catch up with for a golf chat over the weekend.

While golfing on Wednesday I received an email from the COO of Golf North, Mike Garside, who advised that Golf North will donate four green fees with carts at 20 of their Ontario courses supporting Fairways’ Awesome 4somes program.

Delighted is an understatement.

My days have been long and filled with golf.

I love watching the ladies play. Their swing tempo is so smooth and as with any golf pro they make it look effortless. I am still adamant that I will get better by osmosis.

I have spent a bit of time in the practice areas (I like to watch drills I can emulate) chatting with the fantastic volunteers. I have made some new friends some who will look me up when they visit PEI next month.

I have golf to watch.

It is moving day and I want to spend a little time amid the Brooke Brigade.


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