Brooke’s Birdies.

Yesterday Brooke Henderson dropped a nail biting birdie putt on the 9th hole (her last for the day) to make the cut.

Today she shot a fantasy round – 8 under par and a course record.

A score card filled with blue. What an incredible feat!

The media centre is abuzz, keyboards clicking as stories are filed.


As I positioned myself green side on the 14th, Brooke was playing the 11th. I watched a couple of groups come through and heard the cheers for her birdie on the 12th.

You could hear where she was as the crowds roared their delight as she dropped birdie after birdie.

I chatted with volunteers and spectators as they told me their stories about following Brooke and their strategies of moving ahead every couple of holes so they could get close.


I got caught up in the swarm that surrounded every hole she played. Five deep, as people jostled to watch Brooke’s phenomenal round.

As Brooke (and hundreds of people) headed to the 15th, I went back to the media centre and watched her score via the LPGA website.

After dropping her birdie putt on the 17th (her 7th of the day) I headed out to the join the massive crowds surrounding the 18th green. I smiled as I listened to the excitement of the crowd all telling their Brooke story. “I saw her hit…..” “I knew her when she was young”. “My sister is friends with….”.

As she lined up her putt the crowd froze. The only sound was the buzzing of a dragonfly that landed on the ladies Ping visor in front of me. From the Golf Town “Brooke’s Brigade” T shirts and the Ping visors everywhere you look, Brooke has certainly made an impact on golf in Canada. And she is not yet 20.

I can still feel the excitement from the enormous roar and applause that rolled through the crowd when she dropped her 8th birdie of the day on 18.

What a round!

As Brooke vanished to process her scorecard, the crowds were at a loss of where to go after the excitement of following her all morning.

While she sits in T2 position (up from T59) the leaders have only just teed off.

As Brooke said post round “….Today is moving day, so it was very – I moved that’s for sure”

“…I made putts that I didn’t even know I could make, and I made shots that were just great”.

We have hours of golf yet but there won’t be the excitement of watching Brooke play.





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