CP Canadian Women’s Open – Donated Time

I am always impressed by the people who put their hand up to ensure that a golf tournament can go ahead. If it wasn’t for the 1,200 volunteers who have signed up for all kinds of work, there would be no CP Canadian Women’s Open.

In fact no golf tournament would go ahead if people didn’t donate their time.

There are volunteers everywhere you look – inside the gates handing out Daily Pairing booklets and guiding the spectators around the course, drivers ensuring the ladies arrive here to play and shuttling the media to the course, the people cleaning and repacking the balls on the range and the crews on each hole ensuring the crowds fall back and are silent while the play is underway.

The one thing connecting them all is a love for golf.


Volunteers have come from all over the country. Some have flown in for the week to stay with friends and volunteer together and others live just down the road and are excited to see their home town promote a sport they love and are proud to be here doing their bit.

The logistical coordination of so many is astounding and yet everyone knows exactly what they are doing and where they need to be, making the event seamless.

I spent some time with Leslie and Rhonda in the chipping practice area as they whipped around picking up balls. Leslie is a member of the CWGI Canadian Women’s Golf Inc and while the group are running the 6th hole, Leslie and her friends volunteered outside of that as they wanted to watch the ladies practice.

Golf is a contact sport. It unites many over a shared passion and the awesome volunteers are here to watch the elite play while doing their bit and being a part of a fantastic event.







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