Loch March Golf & Country Club

Loch March Golf & Country Club – August 2017 Yesterday I had the pleasure of catching up and golfing with JP Hamel, a new golf friend I made this summer on Prince Edward Island.

As I was in Ottawa for the CP Canadian Women’s Open he invited me to tee it up with him and his wife however his wife couldn’t join us on the day so we headed out to tee it up.

Tuesday had seen some horrendous weather in Ottawa with trees snapped during a swift storm and while I had attempted to golf Tuesday afternoon at Hylands Golf Club, I had only got 2 holes in before we had been cleared from the course as another storm cell swept through.

It was nice to see the sun out and I was very happy to be heading off to golf.

The course was still a little wet and there were a few holes that were cart path only as there was still a bit of water on the ground. We met our playing partners Jim and Ed and were advised we were following a tournament.

As it was a beautiful day we didn’t mind. We had no idea how long the round would take us.

I like a sub 4 hour round and if it can be closer to 3 hours I am very happy. Yesterday we were on the course for 5 hours and 45 minutes and at times we were sitting for 15 minutes waiting to tee off. I joked we should have taken a deck of cards.

I find when you wait so long you forget what you are doing and get out of rhythm and it does effect your golf. We were not playing for sheep stations (as I joked to my partners) but fun, so we sucked it up and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings.

One of the crew in the media centre had stated that they hoped I had lots of balls and I remarked on that as I teed off the 10th (with the ball I had started with). I lost that ball on the 13th but found 2 balls on the 15th so I was still ahead.

I was playing from the white tees with the rest of my group and was certainly holding my own. We all had moments of greatness – with a touch of rubbish as well.

We did have some good laughs and very much enjoyed each others company for nearly six long hours.

The course has multiple changes in elevations and there is water in sight on most holes. It is a great test of golf for all levels of golfer.

I had been warned about the bugs and I got two holes in before I coated myself in poison to deter them.

Mid round I had time to work and check emails and admit to doing a dance of delight as I received an email from Mike Garside the COO of Golf North who was writing to say that Golf North would donate 4 green fees with carts at 20 of their Ontario courses for Fairways to auction as part of our Awesome 4some fundraising.

I am still smiling.

The 18th hole is quite unique as you look up the mogul hills and think you see big rocks beside the green and in the bunker (your eyes are not deceiving you, there are rocks). It was very helpful playing with JP who knows the course and could show us the way. JP’s birdie on the 17th was lovely to watch with his downhill sliding putt that was never going to miss.

My putter wasn’t too bad but my golf overall wasn’t great. 6 seemed to be my number yesterday with 11 of them.

I would love to return to the course and play without all the waiting however I don’t have time this Ottawa trip.

Post round, Jim and Ed headed off but I was ravenous so JP and I were joined for dinner by the foursome behind us who were good friends of his. We had a good golf chat post round commenting that nearly 6 hours is not how we like to play a round but with good company it certainly helps.



3 responses to “Loch March Golf & Country Club

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  2. Hi Josh,

    Thanks for your message.

    I love golf and it has enriched my life since I picked up clubs. I look back to a little over three years ago and wonder how I got here.

    I have met so many wonderful people all because I started playing golf.

    And now I golf with purpose as I engage with courses and their junior coordinators and talk about how we can develop and grow their programs.

    Chat soon.



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