Glasgow Hills Golf Club

Glasgow Hills Golf Club – August 2017 This week I played my 125th golf course and what a lovely course to celebrate my little milestone on.

I was meeting a new golf buddy to tee it up and we met in Charlottetown and car pooled to the course. It was nice sitting and being a passenger for once and looking around at this gorgeous island.

Glasgow Hills sits high in the valley and has beautiful vantage points across the valley, river and surrounding farms.

There are multiple changes in elevation making the course a good test of golf.

I wasn’t playing amazing but I was having moments of greatness and that is all I need in a round of golf.

Well good company certainly helps.

Ryan was throwing some darts and I dropped a couple of nice putts but slid many more past the hole as the greens were some of the best I have seen this summer and were quick.

My chipping improved as the day went on and my back nine was better than the first however that didn’t help me in our match – I certainly lost that.

We were both relaxed and cruising in our first day off in a while and it was nice chatting and golfing. We enjoyed each others company so much we wanted to continue our golfing adventures so once we holed out on the 18th we headed off to Belvedere Golf Club to add another course to my list.

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