RBC Canadian Open – Moving Day

RBC Canadian Open – July 2017 It was perfect weather for golf yesterday. Sunshine with a slight breeze and the best weekend forecast in Toronto since June.

Golf was well underway when I arrived just after 9 and I stayed in the media centre to sit in on the press conference with Golf Canada CEO, Laurence Applebaum. I was interested to find out why the Tournament Director, Brent McLaughlin was stood down however this was not elaborated on.

While the 2018 RBC Canadian Open will return to Glen Abbey the long term strategy is to find a permanent home for Golf Canada, The Canadian Golf Hall of Fame and of course the tournament itself.

Post press conference I finished writing then hit the driving range and snapped a few photos, watched Ryan Ruffels warm up then met the winners of the PGA RBC Scramble from last year. It was in fact the Hyundai Scramble last year however RBC wanted to get them here and film them as this is part of the prize package for the winners who golf their way to Cabot Links.

Unfortunately it will not be me as my team didn’t qualify.

I stopped to watch some young boys expressing their delight at seeing Dustin. They are boys from Ronald McDonald House and were special guests of RBC and I could only smile watching their excited chatter.

I did a lap of The Rink then sat on the 9th green watching four groups come through and got caught up in the swarm of folk following Dustin Johnson. He threw a dart with his second shot, missing the eagle by a bit over a foot and sunk an easy birdie as the crowds went wild.

I then headed to the 7th ‘The Rink’ tee to catch Ruffels. I chatted with the refs (volunteers in hockey referee uniforms) and another gentleman spectator. Rahul Mehta, turns out to be the Executive Director of Business Development at ClubLink and his office is next door to Robert Visentin’s who I met the day prior.

Golf is a very small world.

I watched Ruffels for a couple of holes before heading down to the 15th and sitting on birdie watch. The view from the hill is spectacular and I climbed into the shot tracker tower and asked if I could take a panoramic photo.

From the volunteers, Ecology (who zip around all day collecting rubbish while raising money for their rowing club) and the vendors and sponsors, this event is a well oiled machine. Everyone has a role and do their job well to ensure it is an outstanding experience.

You do find a few punters who overindulge in beer in the sun and become obnoxious with both the volunteers and yelling out, however that is definitely only a select few.

This weekend hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise will be sold and I did hear some people saying they wanted to buy Glen Abbey branded items before Glen Abbey is no longer.

It will be a shame when this place is developed and I can only hope that they have the infrastructure for and additional 3000 + homes as this is the problem with some developments in Australia.


After Ruffels came through the 15th I followed him and watched him lip out his eagle putt on the 16th. He goes into Day 4 in T5.

With Hoffman going in to the action today on 1st at -17 there are only 4 shots between the top 15 and the way the course is playing it is anyone’s tournament to win.

I look forward to some aggressive golf out here and while I am keen to see the two Canadians, DeLaet and Hughes, do well, it is Ruffels who sits in contention.

Go Aussie.

After walking all day at the golf, I got back to the house I am staying at in Oakville with Kathy and Craig and while I was quite tired, I headed out for a run down by the lake.

A perfect way to finish a summer day in Ontario.

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