Settlers’ Ghost Golf Club

Settlers’ Ghost Golf Club – July 2017 I have been connected to Settlers Ghost Golf Club for over a year. I first met member Peter Ashurst on Twitter. We then met at the Canadian Open in 2016 and he arranged for the Men’s Night to have a fundraiser for Fairways at the end of last year.

This year, Settlers’ Ghost Golf Club hosted a Dawn 2 Dusk event as part of our global fundraiser and they raised over $1,200 which won them The Open flag signed by Open Champions, Watson, Lyle, O’Meara, Lehman and Daly.  (This is currently on it’s way from Australia).


As I was in Toronto for the RBC Canadian Open, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of visiting.

I drove up in the early afternoon as I was joining the ladies for Ladies Night. My GPS took me down a lovely farm lined road which led into the forrest however there was no golf club in sight and my phone no longer had service. I turned around and tried again but with no luck. Definitely no golf club where I was, so I headed back to the main road for a little foray thinking I could ask at the service station if my GPS wasn’t going to cooperate.

I didn’t need to stop and ask as I stumbled across the course a little ways up the road.

As it happened me getting directionally challenged (just like my golf at times) had me arriving at exactly the same time Peter did.

We caught up briefly before he introduced me to Director of Golf, Mary-Pat Quilty. As Mary-Pat headed off to teach, Peter set me up with food (I was starving as I had eaten a banana and pear all day) before he went out to golf a few holes.

The men had been invited to join ladies night as I was going to be doing a presentation post the 9 hole shotgun event.

I enjoyed a delicious soup (recommended by ladies eating it) and the bruschetta with goats cheese was amazing.

I ended up joining a couple of gentlemen who had just finished golfing one of them was the host of Cash Cab Canada, Adam Growe. I only knew this as another golfer asked for a photo and I admitted that I didn’t have a television nor did I know what show they were talking about.

We had a good chat before I had to go and get changed for golf.

In the bathroom, I looked up and smiled at a woman telling her I lost my USB with my presentation. She looked so familiar and I was adamant I knew her. I asked her how I knew her and she smiled and said from PEI. It clicked and I laughed and hugged her. Brenda and I had played golf together a couple of years ago with another two of her friends and I do believe we laughed continuously. I was delighted to catch up with a golf buddy.

Brenda is not even a member at Settler’s Ghost but had been invited by another friend of hers and we marvelled at the coincidence of meeting again.

I was golfing with Mary-Pat (Mitz), Peter and Guy. As we stepped up to the 10th tee it started to drizzle. A couple of ladies had decided that wine was a better option than wet golf but dozens of us still went out to play.

There is a very healthy ladies section at Settler’s Ghost and I was honoured to be invited to join them (even if we let the men in too).

My golf was quite ordinary however there were some good shots amongst the rubbish but today it was more bad than good. I did have some great drives – after a couple of drop kicks.

Mitz gave us a short game clinic and it was lovely to watch. Guy was also throwing darts. We had so many laughs, teasing each other as we rolled up and over the hills on the back nine.

The course is stunning and I look forward to returning and playing it in full. It reminds me of Esker Hills in Ireland with the rolling hills. The greens were very quick and apparently all run towards the silo. The silo and barn are a feature of the course and the clubhouse and pro shop are quaint buildings that nestle into the landscape well.

I felt immediately comfortable and really enjoyed golfing with our crew. Peter had a fantastic chip in on the 17th but barely raised a smile as he turned to Mitz who was a few feet away chipping from the same distance. She holed the ball and halved the hole. My putt didn’t matter and while it was online and hit the pin, I was happy with the par.

I nailed my drive on the 18th and Mitz smashed hers while the boys had both drop kicked theirs (although they had only lost a little distance).

We finished the round as we started with laughter and smiles. We hugged it out and then took a couple of photos before joining everyone else for a mini buffet of gourmet pizza, pasta and salad.

As we had won the match the boys bought our drinks and I enjoyed a single malt with my dinner.


I then did a speech about Fairways, from our inception to our programs in four countries and where the funds raised will be spent. I was congratulated by many for our work to date and did advise that we would not be where we are without the work of our COO, Jeremy White in Australia.

I assisted Trish in giving out the prizes for Ladies League and when Brenda won a prize, I told everyone about Brenda and I golfing together a few years ago.

I had so much fun and received such a wonderful warm welcome from everyone, I felt like I was part of the club.

I look forward to visiting again next year and spending more time with the fantastic folk from Settlers’ Ghost Golf Club.


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