Crieff Golf Club

Crieff Golf Club – May 2017 I had arranged to golf at Crieff Golf Club with greenskeeper David Simpson, who I had met the previous week at the BIGGA Central Section Spring Outing at Golf Club House Elie.

David had spoken with the Secretary, Ian, about Fairways and what we were doing around the world and I was scheduled to meet him before our round.

As I arrived I got chatting with club professional David Murchie then met with Ian for a good natter.

We discussed junior golf in the area and I gave some suggestions of other programs that are working around the world that may work here for this club. I find that some clubs in the UK have relied on members to bring their children and grandchildren to golf and have not been proactive to take golf to the children.

I believe the converation needs to change if we are to encourage another generation of golfers.

There seems to be a whole generation of golfers missing as life got in the way and the changes to how family life is run i.e. husband cannot vanish for 8 hours on a Saturday as men are now more hands on parents.

Rethinking the structure of tournaments is helping address the lack of members as shorter times on the course can be juggled by a young family but there is still more than can be worked on.

While talking about Fairways with Ian, David popped upstairs so I said my farewells with promises of further marketing ideas to grow their junior program, then grabbed my bag and met David on the 1st tee.

An older gentleman stepped up to watch Dave tee off and was shaking his head saying “beautiful swing, beautiful swing” and I must say Dave sure can golf. His handicap just went down – he is now +2, so he does alright wielding a club.

I love playing golf with great golfers as I am adamant it helps my game. Just by watching you see how short your back swing should be chipping or a good hand position for other shots and I am always learning.

I was playing quite well myself. Seems all the golf recently sure has helped my game. I had one bad drive (the 18th) by the rest were good. Some very good.

Dave played to his handicap, I was 6 shots over mine.


We had a great chat about junior golf and Fairways and talked about fundraising ideas. Poor Dave copped me thinking aloud and strategising about how we can continue to keep all our programs running and how we can raise funds to support more underprivileged junior golfers around the world.

Crieff Golf Club has an 18 hole course, Ferntower Course and a nine hole course , Dornock Course, as well as practice holes within the 9 hole course.

We were playing Ferntower.

The first hole is up a slight hill adjacent to the pro shop and then you meander the hills with stunning rural views over Perthshire. The course runs back in on itself a little with holes crossing over but I wasn’t paying too much attention.

I was snapping photos and following Dave to the next tee.

I didn’t play any of the par 3’s well as off the tee on all of them I turned my hands over and pushed the ball left but I didn’t end up in too much trouble.

As I was chipping I was telling Dave about the Vokey wedge a mate of mine, Tim, had lent me in Canada for a few rounds and how I had fallen in love with it. I had used it for every shot within 70 feet in all situations just to see how it went.

As my budget doesn’t really allow for new club purchase (I put all my $ into Fairways) I had asked Scott at King of Clubs in PEI if they had any second hand Vokey’s and he laughed at me and said no one sells them.

Turns out Dave has a couple Vokey wedges sitting in his garage and is going to gift me one. I only need to put a new grip on it. Woo hoo!!!!!

Keep your eye out as #VokeyWedgeGoesOnTour.

I will be tweeting Dave the new adventures of his club as it travels the world with me.

We had some good laughs and were snacking on a dried fruit, nuts and dark chocolate mix I had made up. Every short putt ended up being one square of chocolate short.

The course steps up the hill so you are always aiming a little left or right to work the hill into your shot.

My putter was working quite well and I am very pleased to say my 3w came back for a good showing.

I am sure I was hitting a 3w while Dave was using a wedge but it doesn’t matter how or with what you get the ball into the hole, as long as it gets there.

I had a shot 52 out and 52 in and there were a couple of shots Dave was incredulous at as I crawled into the centre of a bush and turned my club over and attempted to hit left handed. Yes I should have just taken a drop but I like to try stuff when I am only playing for fun.

I am pleased to say that while I did have a couple of attempts in the bunkers that the bunkers didn’t own me on this Scottish course as they have done this trip.

Post round we headed into the clubhouse for  a jacket potato and more Fairways golf chat.

I spotted Dave’s name numerous times on the Club Champion board but alas his father still has one up on him. This is the case at the other golf club he is a member at, his father also has one more Club Championship there too. The good news for Dave is his father no longer plays golf so he has plenty of time to best him.


One more and he equals his dad’s record. 

Great round, awesome golf (from Dave) and enlightening and constructive golf chat.

I look forward to teeing it up again next year but first I will see him tomorrow for the start of #VokeyWedgeGoesOnTour.


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