Dunaverty Golf Club

Dunaverty Golf Club – May 2017 This morning I was on the first ferry from Lochranza on the Isle of Arran to Cloanig in Kintyre. I was meeting my golf buddy Robbie, who I met on twitter, and golfed with him at Machrihanish Golf Club last year.

We stopped in Campbeltown for a quick bacon sandwich before heading to Dunaverty Golf Club. The closer we got, the more the clouds moved and the sun came out.

I lamented my woes about Fairways and vented about sometimes feeling I am flailing and drowning as I try to keep Fairways afloat. Robbie reminded me to think about all we have achieved to date and asked me about the Bolivian juniors who he had seen on twitter. After chatting and talking about what we have done in the last 12 months I realised I am happy and while I am struggling at times, it is well worth the struggle.

As we got our clubs out of the car the sun came out completely.

There were a couple of twosomes out before us and we had a quick chat to the duo in front of us (we think Swedish) before they headed off into the gorgeous Scottish sunshine.

I was told by a few people I would love Dunaverty and love it I did.


The course is quite short, a par 66 for men and 65 for women. This is the second time that I have seen the exact stroke index for women and men on each hole. I thought this was quite rare when I noticed it on The King’s Course at Gleneagles but here it is at Dunaverty.

I shot quite well and was surprised that I only had four bad shots – only four that were bad!!!!

There was a drop kicked drive but it still ran a hundred and fifty yards down the middle of the fairway and after the four bad shots, I followed them all up with good shots.

I was mostly carding bogies and I was dropping some very nice putts. It helped that the greens are in the best condition I have golfed on this trip to the UK.

I love an old links course (Dunaverty was established in 1889),  lots of blind shots then the fairway funnels down into the green.

I was even impressed with myself as most of my shots were coming off nicely after Robbie (who has played the course before) directed me where to aim.

It was a gorgeous day and I was in good company. We enjoyed catching up on our last year, chatting about both mine and Robbie’s work.

I love hearing about Robbie’s work and as we drive around, he points out the pieces of history and tells me the stories of the vikings, place names, castles or battles and I am enthralled.

Robbie was playing well but not as well as he would have liked. Not enough birdies on his card.

The views are stunning and I was stopping frequently to take photos.


I was relaxed and happy and had not a care in the world for 3 hours.

I was delighted to find that I shot 2 over par (after deducting my handicap). Best round in a while.

If you head to Kintyre and are going to play the Machrihanish courses, do yourself a favour and add Dunaverty to your list.

I cannot see how you would be disappointed.


Post round we stopped in at Muneroy Tearoom for a spot of award winning cake.

As I am not a massive sweet tooth, I had a raspberry scone but tasted the triple layered chocolate deliciousness that was popped in front of Robbie.

On the way to the ferry, we realised we had a bit of time, so we drove to Skipness Castle and Robbie told me stories about the castle, the chapel and the people who lived around here.

We were already talking about what we should do next year as Robbie is definitely on my annual golf list and I am already looking forward to returning to this stunning part of the world.

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