Lochwinnoch Golf Club

Lochwinnoch Golf Club – April 2017 – The lovely lass I am staying with, Karen, asked me if I would like to join a couple of her mates from town for a round of golf at the local course.

Always up for more golf on a course I haven’t played – yes was my only answer.

Karen dusted off her clubs that she hasn’t touched in two years and we headed to the course where we were meeting Charlie and Jim.

We caught up with Charlie in the carpark and as we were chatting another two guys who were getting their clubs out were looking over and I heard one guy say loudly I think it is an Australian accent.

I smiled and said it sure is. The other guy looked at me and asked if I had golf videos on the internet (who knew people even watch them) and I concurred they were mine. Turns out last night he was watching the videos I shot on the Isle of Arran two years ago as he and his mates are going there soon.

I told him I am off there on Sunday.

We chatted about the courses on the island and disagreed on the courses he thought better. I am after golf for the soul but I believe he just wants to shoot well.

As Karen and I watched them tee off, Charlie commented that the old man hadn’t yet arrived.

The course wasn’t busy and I was a little perturbed that the course currently has no female members. Not because they are not allowed there just are not any female members here anymore.

Some went to other clubs, some got a little older and the hilly walk was too much.

Karen was bemused that the ladies locker room was a storage facility for bar supplies.

As we chatted with Charlie, a tardy Jim saunters around the edge of the building all smiles. He was caught up chatting – something I can understand although I am very rarely late for a tee time.

As this is Jim’s course and he plays a practice round with Charlie most Friday afternoons before the Saturday medal, he knew it wouldn’t be too busy.

We got acquainted, popped into the proshop and headed out on to the 1st tee. We had an audience in the carpark as a man stopped to watch. Probably wondering who was playing from the forward tees until he realised it was actually women on the course.

We were playing a team match play better ball, Karen and Jim against Charlie and I.

The course is quite hilly and it rewards you with a view over the village from the top of the course. It does make it a continual test of ball above/below your feet as really there are not too many flat holes.

My knee was hurting a little but I decided to carry my clubs and see how it went. It wasn’t going to put me off golfing although Charlie asked me at a couple of points if I wanted to continue – and not just because we were losing the match.

The course has some wonderful outlooks and tricky shots but it was not often that both partners duffed the shot. Jim was nailing his drives and the rest of us were doing ok. We all had rubbish but I think I might have got the award for the shortest drive as I was going to nail it so far down the fairway but instead it barely left the tee box.

We had some good laughs and a great chat as we meandered (me limping a little) up and down the hills.

There are some interesting holes and I should have looked over the hill to see exactly what I was working with on some of them but we were out to have fun, enjoy each other’s company while whacking a little white ball (pink for Karen) around the place.

The match was over on the 15th and that is when Charlie and I stepped up. Well we managed to both drop a couple of really long putts to finish off the round which was quite nice.

Considering Karen hasn’t played in over two years, she was hitting some great balls. She has considered joining the club as if she is the only female member she would be Lady Captain with rockstar parking and could just engrave her name each year on all the trophies.

I do believe I jest.

Seriously, it was a fun round and as we headed back to load the car, Charlie asked me if I was back again next year. He has already thrown down the gauntlet for a rematch.

Jim, Karen and I stopped in the club for a drink and had a chat with some of the locals and I heard about various aspects of local politics in Lochwinnoch.

Great place, great people. I look forward to teeing it up again next year.







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