Connemara Isles Golf Club

Galf Chumann Oileáin Chonamara – Connemara Isles Golf Club – April 2017

I have just left Connemara Isles Golf Club on the west coast of Ireland where I have had one of the best days of golf ever – in my nearly three years of golfing.

My day didn’t start out so well after bouncing off my knees, tucking and rolling on the road as part of my run this morning. It would have been quite amusing for the car driving past who would have watched me hit the road, roll back on to my feet and keep on running.

My knees didn’t think it was very funny. I am currently icing it hoping the swelling goes down before playing another 18 tomorrow.

We arrived back at the home that Tony and John Lynch were born in / the clubhouse of Connemara Isles GC and chatted with the owners as the rest of the crew arrived.

I was playing with Colie and Mick. Colie and I both were sporting limps. His from busted knees from years playing GAA and me from my stunt road run this morning.

Connemara Isles is a 9 hole course west of Galway in Lettermore. There are no bunkers on this course as it does not need additional protection or challenges to contend with. The rugged coast is protection enough. It is unforgiving and you need to have some accuracy.

Eight holes have water in play and lots of water. The Atlantic Ocean is the hazard on this course.

Playing with members and people who have golfed here before is a big advantage as the illusion of the design can have you pulling the wrong club out without advice. Local knowledge can help you a lot.

I love this course and will be returning. You have to add this to the bucket list of golf courses you want to play.

While I limped around at times in quite a bit of pain (mostly on the down hill stretches) it took nothing away from my golf. Who needs knees to golf anyway?

My driver just worked very very well today and while I donated 6 balls to the course, one was a boomerang and returned itself to me on the 2nd round through and I found two, so I didn’t end up too bad and on this course you could empty your bag of balls.

A word of advice come prepared, but do come. You will not be disappointed in this course or the spectacular setting.

I don’t think I could decide which is my favourite hole but I did play the 4th/13th best with a birdie the first run and a par on the next.

I had great company both times round as following the round with Mick and Colie, I joined up with past Ladies Captains, Treasa and Bairbre. What wonderful women!

We had a great chat and Bairbre was even able to say something between the talkative Treasa and myself.

Post round we headed into the little thatched cottage (where a german was hiding in the roof during WWII) that is now the clubhouse.

I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with lots of the locals and enjoyed hearing Gaelic spoken all around me. Not that I understood a word of it.

After having a great chat with both the men and women I golfed with I sat down and ate an delicious Irish lamb and potatoes. A delicate mint gravy complimented it nicely and I do believe I inhaled it.

I have never felt so welcomed at a club and am looking forward to returning again next year.

Treasa and I will both be healthy (her rotator cuff is busted – this was her second round in 6 months) and we even discussed perhaps giving fit golf a go. Running around the course with three clubs (I would take my 3w, 7 iron and putter).

I can’t wait to come back and next year I am also going to head to Galway and tee it up with Colie and Mick on their home track too.

What an awesome day with new golf friends in a spectacular part of the world!


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