Oughterard Golf Club

Oughterard Golf Club – April 2017 – Today I had the pleasure of golfing with some friends at Oughterard Golf Club. I arrived early (as I always do) and headed into the proshop while I waited for the boys. I had no idea what time we were teeing off and it turns out I was two hours early.

I could have had more of a nap at Tuam where I had a 12 minute nap in the car on my 3 1/2 hour drive to the course this morning.

I got chatting with the Pro Derek McNamara and I admit asking how you pronounce the name of the golf club. Me and Irish pronunciation have an interesting relationship.

I ended up in his workshop helping him. I was wielding a knife to remove a grip someone had superglued on. Never superglue your grips, just go and get them replaced.

As I did that, Derek kindly replaced my sand wedge grip that was split badly and getting worse.

We had a great golf chat while we worked and Oughterard Golf Club may well be joining Fairways in our Dawn 2 Dusk fundraiser in June, which is fantastic.

The boys turned up not long after and we had a bite to eat before we headed out to tee it up. I was introduced to Daniel and Kyle and Kyle hears me say hello and asks me if I was on Midlands 103 radio the other day. I haven’t heard the interview yet but I understand it sounded good.

I can’t remember what I said so I hope I don’t sound foolish.

We were playing a better ball team game and while Kyle and I did some great things, we had more rubbish than our competitors and lost by 3 points.

Tomorrow is another day.

I started both 9’s well but also had some blowouts which wasn’t great for our team and the worst thing were the holes where we both scratched.

Never a good idea.

With my 4 points on the 11th we managed to get back in within two points but gave that back fairly quickly.

The course has wide forgiving fairways except for the 8th hole. On the right and you are OB in a not so friendly neighbours yard (so the sign says) and left and you are lost in the woods (where I put my first ball after admiring the width of the fairway in front of me).

I am not a fan of the sticky rough that I visited quite a bit. The head of the club gets stuck and regardless of what I was trying to do I could only just seem to punch the ball forward.

I wasn’t playing a good team round today and wasn’t thinking much about Kyle or what he was doing.

Sometimes whacking and hoping for the best is not the best option when I could play it safer and try to get some points.

The first 12 holes are off to the right of the clubhouse then you cross the road for the last 6 holes. There are a few water hazards to contend with and the bunkers are perfectly placed on both the fairways and around the greens.

I always love a good course design that has the forward tees and the white tees a great distance apart so we are always driving to the same area.

None of us (except Kyle once) could find the dance floor on the par 3’s and I just couldn’t hit my hybrid today. Well I did hit it but just drop kicked it all day, from the rough, from the tee and from the middle of the fairway.

There was some great golf shots from all of us today but mine were not consistent, e.g. on the 18th I nailed my drive then smoked my 3w with the best 3w I hit all day. My next little chip was only about 50 yards out directly in front of the green and I miss hit it into the left bunker. I am usually pretty good out of a bunker but duffed the first attempt and it rolled back to my feet. My 4th landed off the green to the right and I ended up with a double bogey which should have been quite a bit better on the par 5, when in my head I had already sunk the birdie putt.

I think Kyle is stuck with me tomorrow as a partner again but I will be a little more considerate and play safe when need be.

It was great company and a great day for golf. Not a drop of rain.

There were so many people out enjoying a round. There is a healthy junior membership here with about 100 juniors and it was great to see a bunch of mid-late teenagers practicing away – granted they were all boys but hopefully the girls will follow.

Post round we popped into the clubhouse again and had a nice meal with beautiful views overlooking the course while we watched the after work set sneaking in a quick 9 holes.

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