Urubo Golf

Urubo Golf – February 2017 I have been in Bolivia for nearly two weeks now and I have played two different golf courses. Teofilo is the professional at Urubo Golf. We have been speaking on social media (in my terrible Spanish) since Edwin advised I was coming to help with junior golf in Bolivia.

After arriving in Bolivia, I contacted Teo to arrange to tee it up. Roger (the pro at El Dorado), Edwin and two juniors, Ale and Chingi joined us.

Urubo Golf is currently a nine hole course but has a construction program to build an additional nine holes. There is a driving range which has just launched night time access however this is for the members only.

We didn’t hit any balls at the range nor visit the clubhouse as Teo had advised he was caught up and would meet us out on the course.

Roger, Ale and Chingi went out first playing from the blue tees while Edwin and I followed playing from the whites.

There are five tee blocks to choose from so lots of options to fit your golf game.

David, who is learning about golf operations was caddying for Edwin but I was carrying my bag.

I started well, splitting the fairway with a fantastic drive then nailed my 3w to 15 feet from the pin. I missed the birdie but was delighted to start with a par. We played the second and as we waited on the 3rd tee for the boys to play their second shots I watched the approach shot of the individual playing behind us. He nailed an amazing shot (and told me later it was a bit of a fluke and he still two putted) but as I told him a par is a par.

He was playing quickly and as it was fairly slow, I suggested to Edwin that we ask him to join us. Rodrigo did exactly that and we chatted about golf in Bolivia.

He is a member at Urubo but doesn’t live in the community. There are homes being built at the moment and I understand the land is 80% sold however I only noticed four properties under construction.

I tripled the second, bogied the 3rd and hit a fantastic tee shot on the par 3, 4th just off the front of the green and it wasn’t until we actually walked down that we realised the green was closed as it had hazard tape across the front of it.

We picked up our balls and headed to the 5th. The 5th hole sits very high looking down over the fairway which dog legs to the left. We had caught up with Roger, Ale and Chingi and it turns out Roger (who is also a tennis pro) taught Rodrigo tennis twenty years ago. They had a good chat catching up and as we were waiting to tee off Teo zipped up in a cart so we all played the 5th hole together.

Teo borrowed Edwin clubs and played the remaining three holes with us. I was hitting the ball very well and got quite a few golf claps from my playing partners.

Teo couldn’t believe I had only been playing for 2 1/2 years – what a compliment!

The 6th and 7th green are close to one another and I hadn’t been paying too much attention but thought the boys left the green I was hitting to. I hit a fantastic 3w which landed on the green and smiled and turned to Rodrigo who said “Great shot but wrong green.”

I told him that was exactly where I was aiming as I thought it was the 6th green. He pointed out the green and told me to drop a ball and hit another shot for no penalty. I proceeded to hit it straight into the water but even with dropping a shot there I finished with a double.

I hit a fantastic 7 iron into the 7th green and watched it head towards the pin – not quite enough club but another par and I could do naught but smile.

The sun was setting and I got some fantastic photos in the beautiful light.

All of the holes run one after another snaking in a big circle back to the clubhouse so there is optimal land to build your house boasting a view of the course. The additional 9 holes will also be built to the same design snaking around the back of the development.

After playing eight holes I had shot 43 which is one of my best rounds ever. Everything just seemed to fall into place.

That is golf – but not usually my golf.

While I see my Canadian friends coated in snow, I realise just how lucky I am to be here in Bolivia golfing and working to support local children with Fairways.


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