Sony Open Day 4 – Thomas Back to Back Wins in Hawaii

What a week of golf!

Justin Thomas wins back to back tournaments in Hawaii – a perfect start to the season. Shooting 59 on day one and then lead the tournament each day finishing -27. Seven shots ahead of Justin Rose.

In his post round conference, Thomas said he was very nervous on day four as he had “no one has ever lost a 7 shot lead in a tour event” running around his head. This stuck in his head as it was an offline comment as a preamble to a question in his press conference the day prior.

While he may have started a little nervous, he finished the tournament with a birdie and no one was close to catching him all day.

I got a ride to the golf and walked through the course to get to the media centre, stopping to have a political chat with one of the volunteers, Dennis.

It was nice being there early as vendors were just setting up.

It was warm and then hot before I even got to the media centre.

I must say I think I have found a place I could winter – Hawaii winters are fantastic.

There were some good rounds played but nothing that really challenged Thomas at all.

It was a perfect day for golf and I was taking a moment to enjoy every part of it.

I took my tea and fruit outside and sat watching people swim and paddle in the water in front of me. As much as I wanted to swim, I was planning on doing that when I got to Kauai so I just watched, then headed out on the fairway.

I snapped a few photos of the warm ups on the range then it was off to the back nine. I stopped and chatted with Martin at the HiDow, moved on to Kellen at The First Tee and then it was a final golf chat with David from Spare for Change.

I will be golfing with Kellen next week and will work with David somehow, somewhere.

I had the wonderful fortune of standing beside the 17th with Teddy (a fellow golfer I got chatting to) when we stopped to watch Reavie have his tee shot and heard the crowd cheer and roar as we watched the ball drop.

I didn’t quite believe it and wanted an instant replay.


I stopped by the compound to see the boys from the Golf Channel. I wanted to check out Trace’s new ink and say goodbye to Kev. I am sure I will see him again this year.

After lunch I caught up with John Norris from the PGA and chatted about Fairways. He has already reached out to a contact on the PGA Latino tour. We will stay in touch and see what we can do to get more juniors out on the fairways.

I then headed out to catch up with Steve (who I had golfed with at Oahu Country Club) and hung with Steve and JJ.

We watched a few groups come through the 16th then I took off to the 18th green and watched the field come in.

I snapped a few photos as we all watched the champion come down the fairway, 6 shots in the lead. His parents were grinning and waiting nearby and headed out on the green after he dropped his birdie shot on the 18th.

I watched the media shuffle as everyone tried to snap the perfect shot. I took a couple photos then headed back to the media centre for the post round press conference.

I finished up, said my farewells to the media folk and walked across the course as the sun was setting to hitch a ride home.




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