Sony Open – Day 3 – It is All About Thomas

Sony Open Day 3 – January 2017

I ended up working late and having minimal sleep – 2.5 hours to be exact – as I was caught up and working on numerous Fairways correspondence. I got up early as my Airbnb host, Summer (who will be a friend for life) and I were running up Diamond Head to watch the sunrise.

There were a lot of people out and we had to dodge around many people – some who were wearing inappropriate footwear. Sitting above the city watching the sun come up chatting to my new friend was a fantastic way to start the day even if there was lack of sleep.

A quick stop by the farmers market, back home to shower and I was at the golf before the first group teed off.

I do love Hawaii in winter and I have decided that the Sony Open is now an annual event on my golf calendar. What better way to celebrate one’s birthday than to be in Hawaii!

After arriving at the golf I got chatting with Jay, Brandon Hagy’s girlfriend, and we decided to walk some holes together later.

I wrote for a while then grabbed my gear and was headed out but stopped to chat with John Norris, who was sitting on his own on the edge of the media room. I told him he looked a little lonely.

John works for the PGA Tour and we had quite the chat about my last 2.5 years and the path golf has taken me on. He was very impressed with Fairways and wants to chat further about it today.

After a 40 minute golf chat I went on my way  and headed to the range to watch the warm up of the top ten as by this stage lots of golfers were already on the course.

I snapped a few photos and took a couple of mental notes about the drills the pros do to warm up before heading out on the course.

I stopped in the Spectator Village and had a quick chat with David Havens from Spare for Change and saw Martin at HiDow and had a chat to him before seeing Kellen at The First Tee. We postponed our round of golf as I am now going to head to the North Shore tomorrow for a spot of sightseeing.

I then stopped by the 13th green to watch Bryson DeChambeau play through. I got chatting to a gentleman that flipped open a little stool and sat next to me. We had a bit of a golf chat and I was saying how I love DeChambeau’s attitude and relationship with juniors as I had seen him at the Australian Open a couple of years ago and he was fantastic with all the junior spectators and then chatted about Bryson’s junior clinic I attended at the RBC Canadian Open.


Turns out the gentleman I spoke with was Bobby Schaeffer, Bryson’s Player Manager and he asked me what I was doing at the golf and who I worked for. I told him about Fairway Foodie and that I work for myself running Fairways supporting juniors all over the world.

He gave me a fist pump, told me what I am doing is fantastic, flicked me a card, took one of mine and told me to stay in touch.

As Bryson lined up his putt, Bobby told me he helped in the design of the new putter and I plan to watch a few holes today to see more than three putts – which is all I have seen to date. He is putting like no one else out here this week – a sort of side saddle.

The next group through was Hagy so I caught up with Jay and walked the next three holes with her. Usually I hope that golfers I like do well however chatting to Jay and watching Brandon play actually made me nervous for him, hoping he sunk putts and nailed his drives. Jay and I had a great chat as we watched Brandon plug away but I must say I didn’t like the nerves.


With Jay as Brandon checks out his line behind us.

I left Jay at the 16th and headed off for lunch, just making it as I didn’t realise the time.

I spent most of the afternoon watching the golf from the air conditioned comfort of the Media Centre around sending Fairways emails, phoning Jeremy in Australia (Fairways COO) and finalising details of Bolivia.

The lack of sleep was catching up with me.

I watched Thomas finish his 3rd round with a record equalling 54 hole score of 188 then sat in on his post round press conference.

Not only does it look like he will win back to back tournaments (no one has ever lost a 54 hole 7 stroke lead in PGA Tour history) he may well break another record today if he shoots 66 or less.

I am hoping he will.





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