Wentworth Falls Country Club

Wentworth Falls Country Club – December 2016  On Thursday I was off to play golf with an old friend. Robert Kennedy has been the Professional at Wentworth Falls since September. He and I went through school together for 13 years and we have known each other since we were four years old.

He has been playing golf for as long as I can remember – it only took me around 30 years to agree that golf is awesome.

Rob arranged for local author and golfer, Magda Cawthorne to join us.

As I was making my way up the mountain, Rob sent me a text message to tell me the weather was a bit miserable and to find out if we were still keen. I told him I was on the way.

When I arrange golf in various parts of the world I am usually only there for one day so I will golf regardless (providing there is no lightning).

The rain didn’t let up and the fog was quite thick, swirling in patches.

We had a golf chat with Rob and Luke in the pro shop, then had a tour of Rob’s new digs before Magda arrived. Looking out the window, she asked if we were still planning on golfing. I assured her we were however as this was her home course and Rob’s work, Moses and I could head out solo.

They both wanted to play so it was decided that Magda and I would be in a cart together and we would have a best ball match play. The ladies against the men.

I was very happy having Magda on my team after she split fairway after fairway. She easily won the first hole for us and then I surprised everyone (including myself) chipping in on the second for a birdie. I might not have had the best connection off the club however I was uphill above the hole and about 25 feet away.

Delighted is an understatement.

The rain was falling steadily and everything was soggy. Magda and I had around 8 towels between us but you just can’t keep your hands dry in some weather.

The course crosses the road three times and is nestled among houses in the mountains. Some of the fairways are tight and the par 3’s are a good test of golf with trees in your line of vision which can intimidate some golfers.

The fog rolled in very thick and I was just waiting zombies to come lurching out along the fairway – if you want to make a zombie golf film this would be a great location.

I was playing ok – nothing spectacular but when Magda would say this hole is yours after hitting a wayward shot most of the time I obliged.

Magda was a little wayward in her cart control but I ducked under the big branch heading for my face laughing as she apologised and not ten minutes later I slapped myself in the face with a tree as I negotiated the branches (clearly the tree won).

We did lose a couple of holes but stayed ahead of the boys all day never letting them quite catch us and we ended up winning the match on the 17th as we halved the hole and they could not best us.

On the 18th I nailed my drive but was a little directionally challenged and ended up tight under a bush. I flipped my seven iron over in my hands, addressed the ball with a goofy footed stance (a left handed shot) and was very happy to pop the ball out around 30 metres down the fairway. I then nailed my hybrid up on to the green (one club too many) and two putted for a bogey.

A very nice bogey all things considered.

Rob was giving a few pointers as we played and one thing I need to work on is my chipping. While I do some great chips, the majority I get too much back swing then chop at the ball stopping short as I realise I have swung too hard.

I was working on this with Dave in Canada just before I left however I have not had a chance to practice much, only play (which I will never complain about) but it is definitely one of the things I need to work on.

I had a great conversation with Magda who is planning on setting up a sports charity and is in the concept stage, assessing and implementing a constitution, determining what she wants to achieve and how she will carry out her operations.

I told her all about Fairways and what we are doing with underprivileged junior golfers all over the world. I am pleased to say she was impressed with our work to date.

Post round we all enjoyed a drink and golf chat in the warmth of the clubhouse as we were a little soggy and I must admit it was nice to get out of the rain.

It was wonderful to connect with Rob and see where he is now working.

Wentworth Falls is a wonderful track and I look forward to returning and playing in the glorious sunshine when I am back next year (fingers crossed).


A little wet but always happy golfing.

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