Concord Golf Club

Concord Golf Club – December 2016 – I was invited to attend the Jack Newton Junior Golf end of year celebrations with a golf day and their 30th Anniversary Awards dinner.

A golf day and food! How could I say no?

In actual fact it had been in my diary for nearly twelve months as I couldn’t attend last year because I was golfing in South Australia.

I have heard some great things about Concord Golf Club and was very happy to tee it up.

It was forecast for storms later in the day but when I arrived it was sunny and humid. After coating myself in sunscreen I checked in.

I stopped and chatted with my friend Mark Ingrey who works for JNJG – helping the juniors develop their golfing skills and introducing new children to the game.

I then introduced myself to Mathew Cashmore from Muirfield and joined him for a golf chat.

Mark stopped by our table and introduced me to one of my playing partners – JNJG junior, Blake.

It was a four ball scramble and we were starting on the 16th hole. My team was Greg Watkinson (works for JNJG) Blake (a 12yr old junior from Mollymook) and Harrison (a 15yr old +1 handicapper from St Michaels.).

As there were two groups off the 16th (we were the second) I introduced myself to everyone on the tee. There was a girl standing off on her own so I walked over, shook her hand and had a bit of a golf chat.

We decided Harrison was our team Captain and when Blake told me he was from Mollymook, I clicked and realised I had met him a month ago at Greenwell Point Primary School where I was teaching golf in schools.

Blake had been with another junior and Luke Grinham (from JNJG) and was off to play a tournament. He confirmed we had in fact met but thought I might not have remembered. We caught up on his tournament and that his birthday was last week. Blake has only been golfing for 3 1/2 years so has a year on me but wow, if I can hit the ball like him in a year I will be very happy.

While the boys teed off I snapped a couple of photos then drop kicked my ball with my hybrid (this would continue how I hit this club all day).

Clearly we were not playing my ball. I am not sure if I should care more but I just don’t – it is only golf and in fact I laughed at my woeful attempt at hitting the ball.

I really enjoyed chatting to Harrison and Blake about what they want to do with their golf and how they are pursuing their passion with the help of JNJG. They would both like to become tour pros and I’m sure watching some of the other young pros that have come through the JNJG program, they have the best chance for success. I did tell them that regardless of their handicap it is all in the head. If they can handle the pressure of putting for a pay check they will be fine.

I look forward to watching their progress.

We played quite well. All of us doing some great things off the club – some more consistent than others and there was a spattering of rain that had the boys pop their umbrellas up while I walked in the rain.

I’ve played in snow – rain won’t hurt me – I only get off the course for lightning.

We were -6 as we teed off the 10th, we were having some good laughs and I must say I do love watching amazing golf. I am adamant it improves my golf, playing with good golfers.

Harrison was leading us around the course and determining where we would hit from,  ensuring we used all our drives.

There were some great putts dropped and after playing a scramble with only 3 on the team last week it was very nice to have that 4th putt.

As we teed off the 12th (with Harrison and I having our best drives of the day) the heavy sky opened. There were big drops of rain and as everyone hurried back to the club house we watched lightning split the sky.

Just as I got under shelter the rain started pouring, wind whipping up the leaves and thunder boomed as lightning continued to dazzle us.

I didn’t get to experience the whole course but I liked what I saw. There were quite a few changes in elevation and some greens are well protected with water and sand. I might not have played my best golf but I sure had fun.


As the rest of the golf was cancelled everyone hit the showers (some girls took hours to get ready) and I stayed chatting with some of the gentlemen who had already whipped the suits out.

I was finally able to get in a shower and wash the golf off and donned a lovely dress ready for the awards ceremony and dinner.

I mingled with quite a few people before we took our seats and the presentation began. Here is more information on the night.


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