Bondi Golf Club

Bondi Golf Club – October 2016 This week I had the pleasure playing Bondi Golf Club with Miles Glickman. It was a great afternoon filled with fascinating conversation.

This came about as Gordon Moir sent me a message and a link to Oliver Horowitz’s article about Pratima, a golfer in Nepal. I read it and emailed Oliver asking how we can help. We chatted and one of the Team Pratima crew (Miles) was in Bondi so we planned to meet up and have a golf chat about Pratima and what we can help with.

It was great connecting with them and it was a pleasure to be teeing it up with Miles at Bondi.

I chose Bondi as if I am going to have a golf meeting I may as well play 9 on a course nearby that I haven’t played before.

I was running a little late as I had spoken with Dave at Bondi the previous day and booked a round at midday figuring I would be there easily following my 9am meeting on the other side of the city.

I had gone in to see Peter at Jack Newton Junior Golf for a golf chat and we chatted for two hours. I learnt quite a lot.

I forgot to take Sydney traffic into account (or is it worse?).

Some days I would prefer traffic in Calcutta at least they are moving and weaving, Sydney traffic is woeful.

I do not miss that.

I got to Bondi with 15 minutes to spare but I incorrectly assumed there would be a parking lot. Rookie mistake.

I spent ten minutes looking for somewhere to park then phoned the golf course and apologised for being late. It was a slow day so it wasn’t a problem and I realised I recognised the voice and told Heath I would see him shortly.

I first met Heath at Mt Broughton and he was wearing his Mt Broughton gear when I walked in. We had a golf chat (both our lives are full of golf) before Miles joined us. I ran to change and we headed out. We took a cart and marvelled at the views.

Neither of us had seen the city from this vantage point and what a beautiful city!

The sun, surf and the skyline.

I love the city, I just hate the traffic.

Miles and I had chatted on the phone the day prior when Jeremy and I had our first actual office day since we stated Fairways. We have been working on Fairways remotely for six months so it was good to go over everything in the same room. It was also good to both be there to speak with Miles before we teed it up.

The course is quite dry but is a good little test of accuracy. You can be punished severely for a slightly wayward shot –  you are not going to climb down a ravine looking for a ball.

We didn’t donate too many balls to the course and the golf gods were in our favour as we found more than we lost – always a good round.

The greens were the highlight of the course but perhaps because I didn’t miss much when I was on them.


We had a great chat about the Nepalese adventures of Miles, Ollie and Vlad = Team Pratima.  Miles got called up to Nepal by Ollie with a “you are the only guy I know that would agree to climb to Base Camp with two weeks notice” and agree he did. So Miles joined Ollie and Vlad, the photographer, and headed to Nepal.

The golf stories were amazing. Hitting a ball off Base Camp!! But it was the stories about the golf in Nepal that got me. I have decided I will be golfing there before 2017 is out.

You have to watch for the sneaky monkeys as they like running on and taking your ball. Local advice is dirty up your ball so it is not so easy to spot.

Then there are the extreme tees that in some parts of the wet season you have to be clipped in to a harness to tee off in case of flash flooding.

He might have mentioned one of the most dangerous holes in the world.

How can I not want to play that?

We whacked balls around the cliffs and laughed quite a bit. Mostly at our golf.

I told Miles we had been in contact with Sachin, Pratima’s coach and that her membership had been paid for by a member. Miles was delighted and we discussed other ways we can help Pratima and perhaps a whole other generation of junior golfers in Nepal.

We talked about reinventing yourself and following your passion but mostly about Pratima.


We didn’t break any course records but we did have a wonderful round nonetheless.

I look forward to working further with Team Pratima helping her to keep a fairway under her feet.




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