San Dimas Canyon Golf Course

San Dimas Canyon Golf Course – September 2016 Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting #GolfChat founder @ZebWelborn after chatting online via twitter since @JeremyWhite told me about GolfChat back in February 2015. I didn’t realise Zeb had only started #GolfChat on twitter the month prior.

Back then I was seven months into golf and was in love.

San Dimas is the 88th golf course I have played since I first fell in love.

I was staying with friends near Venice and had a 40 minute drive according to google maps however I estimated roughly an hour and a half hoping to have 40 minutes at the course before teeing off.

Never make assumptions about traffic in LA.

I was watching my estimated time of arrival on maps as I stopped and started down the highway noting I had 8 minutes from the time I arrived to teeing off.

I parked, jumped out of the car, pulled my clubs from my club cover bag, found a hat, and slid on my shoes much to the amusement of the man standing beside his car eating a sandwich. He laughed when I told him I had six minutes before I was teeing off.

I shouldered my clubs and hurried to the club house only to find it was slow and Zeb wasn’t around yet. No longer late, I relaxed and had a chat with the starter until Zeb and the rest of our crew, his brother Rocky and Dave Shultz from Realitee Golf  arrived.

I snapped a couple of photos from the first tee and looked up at the mountains ringing the course. It reminded me a little of Corrie Golf Course on the Isle of Arran although much much drier.

It was a perfect day for golf, hot though and I put sunscreen on  while the boys teed off the 1st. I grabbed my driver and whacked the ball straight down the middle of the fairway. Always a nice way to start.

My number was 5 which was much better than the average 7 I was shooting at Fox Harb’r earlier in the week.

Actually I just realised I will be playing golf in Canada, USA and India in the same week – amazing – as I am currently sitting in Hong Kong airport on the way to India.

I digress, I started quite well but had a blowout hole on the front just mishitting 8 shots really. I must say my driver and my putter were the best clubs in my bag and my score would have been abysmal if my putter didn’t work.

We had a great golf chat as we traversed the course and I was fascinated hearing about Dave and his Realitee Golf business he was working on. He showed me the rendering that was hot off the press and I heard about his dream coming alive.

In fact I have connected him with one of my friends, Terry Hashimoto as I think the BodiTrak technology would be a good fit with his business.

Dave can certainly golf and was unhappy at times making par – he was putting for birdie so I can understand although for me I am always happy with a par. We all had some wonderful golf coming off our clubs, a little rubbish at times (mostly from me) – what can you do but laugh?

I drop kicked my 3w a couple of times however I also hit some fantastic 3w shots. I adjusted my shoulders in line with the slope I was standing on and was so happy that my recent practice was proving fruitful.

The first three holes are in front of the club house then you cross the road (I donated a ball to the road) playing another four before crossing back for the 8th and 9th (if my memory serves correct).

The par three 7th hole was a first for me. I have never played a course where there are two pins on the green – maximising your hole in one chances perhaps?


None of us were sure why this was going on. 

After shooting 51 on the front, we stopped for a refill of drinks – water for me and big gulp cups of soda for the boys. I can’t imagine drinking that much soda.

The course was very busy and pretty slow however we had great weather, fantastic company and some good laughs as we cruised around the course.

I hit a great hybrid shot off the 10th tee but it was too long and shot off the back of the green. I then mishit my chip and finished with another 5. A few times the club I chose was long which means I need to adjust my club selection again as I was consistently long with my 9 iron and my hybrids.

As I said to Zeb – not a bad problem to have.

I did have a problem on the 14th as I drop kicked my driver then overhit my lay up into the water, I then decided a 5w was the club and persevered twice as I donated not one but two balls (one being a brand new #GolfChat ball that I hit for the 1st time) to the water before I changed clubs and limped over the water with my 7 iron and finally into the hole for an 11. I did drop a great putt for my 11th shot but the first 10 were pretty woeful.

I was one over on the 15th, 16th and 17th just missing the birdie putt off the green of the 16th and after a fantastic drive on the 18th I mishit my 5w and finished with a triple.

Considering my 11 on the 14th I was pretty happy finishing with a 104.

Rocky on the other hand finished his round with the shot of the day – chipping in from behind a hill on the back of the green and navigating a tree. We all watched, cheering as the ball headed straight for the pin, dropping with a satisfying gurgle.

What a way to finish!

Dave had to head off to work so Rocky, Zeb and I had a spot of lunch and more golf chat before I headed back to LA.

What a great day of golf!

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