Modern Day Golf Addict

Yesterday I had my last shift waitressing at the 19th hole at Rodds Brudenell River Resort which has two golf courses attached, my home courses on PEI – Brudenell River and Dundarave Golf Course.

I leave the province on Sunday and will not be returning for eight months. The current plan is Canada, United States, India, Australia, Bolivia, Ireland and Scotland then back to Canada but this could evolve slightly as I connect with more golfers globally.

The summer has flown by in a whirlwind of work and golf and golf work. I realized this week that I didn’t have a summer at all – well I did but it was predominately work.

All because in April I had an epiphany. I like to think of this as “Tiffany had an epiphany at Ballyliffin”. After hearing about juniors that couldn’t afford to continue golfing, I decided that it was unacceptable, to change it and founded a not for profit – Fairways.

Click here for the Origin of Fairways 

Very quickly, not only did I have a cofounder and COO, Jeremy White, I had a board of directors and was sponsoring my first juniors on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

While my Fairway Foodie blog has been fairly quiet I have been writing plenty on the Fairways blog as I continue building what I have think will be a great addition to junior golf globally.

This summer, a usual week would consist of waitressing four days, golfing before or after work, getting to the gym three times, helping my golf guru Dave Bowlan with junior clinics, network marketing, cooking my delicious golf snacks, doing laundry (and hoping the window I had for laundry was a sunny day as I don’t own a dryer) and after the sun set (if I wasn’t waitressing) I would be on my laptop working on Fairways until the wee hours.

Many a time Jeremy had to tell me to go to bed as I responded to him at 3 or 4am. It was only last week that I was working in bed and looked up realizing the sky was lightening and it was 5am. Not ideal but working shift work means sometimes I am up at all hours. I am trying to ensure I get six hours sleep a night but my routine is about to change again as I hit the road and I think that I will in fact get more sleep.

Less income but more sleep.

I have had some wonderful golf experiences this summer – these are but a few;

  • Shooting my best ever round (90) on the first day of the Club Championship
  • Chatting to Bryson DeChambeau about golf and science
  • Having a British Open Championship flag that is signed by five past champions (Watson, Lyle, O’Meara, Lehman, Daly) donated to be auctioned off to raise money for Fairways (thank you Gordon Moir)
  • Flying to NYC to golf with the fabulous ladies from the EWGA Long Island
  • Spending time with the Fairways Cadets on PEI
  • Golfing with fellow golf bloggers, Mike Johnny and Josh Strukoff
  • Attending the RBC Canadian Open and the CP Canadian Women’s Open with media accreditation
  •  Connecting with hundreds of fellow golfers around the world.
  • Building Fairways and helping to develop junior golf globally
  • Lessons and developing my golf with my Golf Guru, Dave Bowlan.

Not only have we got ten juniors on Prince Edward Island, next week I will be in India as I have arranged for a golf pro from Kolkata to fly to West Bengal to run a three day junior clinic.

While we have raised funds on PEI to cover the expenses of all the Canadian juniors until next spring and we have had a little sponsorship money coming in online, I have predominately funded the Indian program myself – between my tip jar and credit card that is.

I believe I am building something great and that the money will come in eventually. I will just keep connecting with golfers and sharing our story and I’m sure we will continue to have sponsorship money trickle in that can help cover some of the costs of the programs we are running.

I want to get the kids golfing today and I will continue to pay for it however I can until we have connected with a likeminded global entity that has funding available and wants to see golf continue to grow.

Or I just keep doing it myself.

I am sending emails to every golf contact I have made in the last two years updating them on my golf journey and what I am doing with Fairways as they are a part of my golf story.

I have worked tirelessly these last four and a half months and will continue doing exactly that as I connect with more golfers, getting them to share our story with their golfing network and as a global golfing community we could probably raise the money needed without even getting a big company on board. Imagine that!

If you are a golfer and want to help us get more children golfing please share this post and our Sponsorship page with your golf buddies. Every little bit helps.

I can’t believe the summer is over and I am about to become a golfing gypsy once again for the next eight months. It sounds exotic, travelling and golfing but think of what you would pack for eight months on the road. One suitcase, my golf club cover bag and that is it.

On the upside I have become quite the packer and I learn something with every trip.

While I am not quite ready to leave I am excited to be on the road. First stop is Fox Harb’r in Nova Scotia where I have been invited as part of a press junket, then it is off to visit friends and #golfchat founder Zeb Welborn in California before heading on to India.

I am looking forward to my first Indian adventure followed by seeing my family and friends in Australia.

I will be Bolivia bound in the new year as I am helping Edwin Fernandez set up a sustainable junior golf program for troubled youth and posted approximately 300 golf balls to him today.

From Bolivia I will be back in Ireland and Scotland golfing with old friends and connecting with new golfers before returning to Canada.

My life revolves around golf. It has done since I started playing – golf just makes me happy.

This summer, I was able to play some fun golf tournaments with various golf buddies and last week I played my 86th golf course in nine countries in just over two years.

Not a bad nudge really.

I seem to be quite addicted.

2 responses to “Modern Day Golf Addict

  1. Thanks Josh, your donation is very much appreciated and thanks also for spreading the word about what we are doing.

    It is a lot of work and can be daunting at times but I definitely think I have found what I am meant to be doing.


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