Andersons Creek Golf Club

Andersons Creek Golf Club – September 2016 At work a couple of weeks ago Alex MacLauchlan overheard me speaking with a customer about Fairways, the NFP I founded a few months back. He gave me a corporate green fee card and thanked me for everything I am doing for junior golf.

I had the choice to play Andersons Creek or Green Gables and as I hadn’t played either I asked a few golfing mates which course would be their preference and while they told me they all like both, Andersons Creek won the vote.

So off to Andersons Creek I went.

I had booked for an early round before work and upon arrival had a great golf chat with the staff in the pro shop. While I was to play solo, I asked if there were any other people that I could join and that led me to meeting members Brian, Don and Orville.

While the boys tossed a tee to work out whose hole it was first, we decided to all play from the same tee block.

While the sun was shining, it was crisp and windy. As the morning went on, the temperature improved as the wind picked up.

I am never bothered about wind on the course – I have golfed in wind off the North Sea in Scotland and as yet, nothing has ever come close to that.

The boys were playing a game which I kind of understood at the time but the exact details escape me now. Whoever had the hole had to win it or if it was tied it was carried over until there was a clear winner. Greenies were also added into the mix – whoever got closest to the pin had to par or better to win the greenie which was a side bet completely different to whose hole we were playing.

I played quite well on the front nine to the point the boys didn’t believe I had only been golfing two years or that my handicap is correct. My golf on the back nine seemed to satisfy the handicap question as there was a bit of rubbish coming off my club and I was not allowing for the wind very well so while hitting great drives straight down the fairway, once the wind was finished with it I had some tricky shots to contend with.

On the back nine, I took a couple of drops as my ball ended up in the woods off the tee due to me not factoring in the wind.

Andersons Creek is lots of rolling hills and you can hear the cows cheer you on from the adjacent fields – in fact I had to ask what that weird bellow was initially – of course it was a cow.

The changes in elevation make this course quite challenging to navigate but I love a challenge. I got to practice many above/below your feet lies and was happy with my shot selection for the most part.

On one hole my ball was off to the left of the green halfway down a hill with the green below me.  I pulled out my pitching wedge and executed a fantastic flop shot that ended 15 feet from the pin. A shot I would be happy with any day.


Halfway up this hill I hit the green with a great flop shot

After shooting a good 47 on the front I started with 3 off the tee on the par 3 10th as again I hit a great tee shot but didn’t account for the wind and watched the wind pick it up and push it left into the water. I made the necessary adjustments and watched the wind drop my second ball just off the green.

I had a couple of blow out holes back to back starting with the 13th – Don’s Ravine. Don told me the story of how he fell down the ravine looking for a ball and broke his back. He is banned from entering the woods where my ball ended up. Don’s Ravine played me and I walked away with a 9 (on a par 4). Not ideal really but my scrambling just wasn’t up to it.

Throughout the morning I did manage to execute some good recovery shots from the edges of the woods and dropped some nice putts but after scoring 17 on two holes I finished with a 58 on the back nine.

We had lots of laughs and I shared my golf snacks with the boys as we traversed the rolling fairways. I love a blind shot and on this course there are many. The flags are oversized so you can see them peeking over the hills.

While I finished the day with 105, I was not unhappy as I had more good than bad coming off my club and my bad shots are definitely improving. My chipping was ordinary but I can putt well so that always helps.

As we teed off the 18th the gentlemen complimented me on my driving as I split the fairway once again – although Orville just out drove me.

It was a great round – perfect weather, wonderful company and when I popped inside post round I bumped in to Alex and had a post round golf chat.

Great day playing my 86th golf course in just over two years.


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