Day 4 – Surrounded By Golf

As I was golfing myself this afternoon, I arrived at the CP Canadian Women’s Open earlier than usual.

Today was Red and White Day to support the Canadian golfers and most people got the memo. Even many of the players were decked out in red and white and I was very impressed.

The ladies were finishing off the round they didn’t complete yesterday due to weather delays and lack of light, before rolling straight into the second round.

The weather was a marked improvement as there was barely a cloud in the sky.

I set up at my desk, grabbed something to eat, had a quick chat with some fellow media then headed out.


with my Golf Town mate – Adam

My first point of call was to the driving range but stopped and chatted with Adam Lynn from Golf Town – and he might have tried to give me more vouchers before he realized it was me again.

We had a good chat and I gave him an update on the Bolivia connection as last night I was in contact with Edwin and I (and Fairways) am going to help him, but that is another story altogether.

I then headed to the range to watch the women but there was not a soul to be seen besides three bored volunteers.


No a soul on the range

I got chatting to them and we decided I should hit some balls and pose for photos. The only club nearby was a left handed club and after I posed for a couple photos I tried to hit a ball left handed – Bryson DeChambeau I was not!

I chatted with Cooper on the range for a little bit telling him about Fairways before heading to the 18th. I stopped and chatted with Baz (the Tournament Chair) and asked him why the birdie information wasn’t on both sides of the board as I thought it would be great for the public to see how much money had been donated. He agreed with me and had no idea why only one side was complete.


The Birdie Board

I took a photo of the Birdies Board (my name for it) and I asked the ladies why the birdie information was not on both sides so the public could see how much had been donated to date (and considering it is a two sided board I believe it was manufactured for this exact purpose). The response was “I have nothing to do with it” and from the other lady “It is for the sponsors to see no one else”.

I think she is missing the point.

I wandered down the 18th and had to remove my jacket as I was too hot.

Finally some heat here in Calgary.

I photographed Kaufman’s approach to the 18th green before heading to the tee box.

I missed the group of Inkster, Sharp and Muñoz but was in place behind the CP horse jump to get some great photos of the girls.

I photographed and watched, Nordqvist, Jang, Martin, Henderson, Piller, Yang, Lewis, Jutanugarn and Hull.

I stayed there for nearly an hour, chatting with various volunteers and public before I headed back to the media centre.

I stopped at the Golf Canada tent threatening the trophy with my dirty fingerprints before grabbing an early lunch in the media centre and chatting with some of the photographers before I donned my golf gear and headed out to tee it up.

I stood at the shuttle stop for 10 minutes and as there was no shuttle in sight I started walking – I had a tee time and you never want to be late for a tee time.

I spoke with a couple of volunteers who told me to wait and one would be back soon.

Wait I did – impatiently I must admit and I think only for four minutes before I was marching to my car balanced with a bag in each hand.

I heard two volunteers talking about me debating weather I was a competitor or not and one asked where I was going and if it was far.

I told him B car park down the road and he shot forward and offered to take me.

I am very glad he did as I actually hadn’t realized how far it was and if I had have walked the whole way I would certainly have been late to tee it up at the Calgary Golf and Country Club.

I have just now watched an update on the LPGA website to see where the golf finished today and Ariya Jutanugarn sits three shots clear on -12.

I can’t wait to return again tomorrow for more of the ladies action.

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