CP Canadian Women’s Open – Day 1

I was up bright and early – well early, as it wasn’t bright at 4.15am. I was flying via Toronto then on to Calgary and slept most of the way.

Once off the plane, I collected my hire car and drove directly to Priddis Greens Golf and Country Club.

The views of the mountains on the way out of Calgary were stunning. This is my first trip to Calgary and I can only lament that I don’t have time to get to Banff.

I will be back.

After dropping off my car I jumped on the shuttle and marvelled at the deer drinking from the pond near one of the greens. It seemed planted and fake but was certainly real. Rod (my shuttle driver) told me of a deer giving birth to two babies green side while he and his golf buddies putted out and photographed.


The media tent was my first stop. I caught up with Terry Lenyk from Golf Canada who was getting lunch. Perfect timing. I chatted with him as I filled a plate of my own then read through the pairings of the CP Has Heart Employee Pro-Am and the media guide.

After eating, I headed to the practice range and watched the ladies practice various drills. I had a little ball strike envy as I watched the women wield their clubs.

I got chatting to fellow Aussie, Minjee Lee’s caddy while she mastered her strokes.

It was chilly and as the wind picked up I headed to the shuttle to go back to my car for a jacket. I got chatting to Rod (he of the baby deer) as he drove me to my car telling him about Fairways and the Indian juniors.

Back at the golf, I walked to the 18th chatting to a few more volunteers and stopped and watched Tiffany Joh putt out with her group. I crossed the 18th to the 12th and stopped watching one guy completely duff his shot out of the rough hitting under the ball so it popped up high landing about 50 yards in front of him.

He swore, looked at me and apologized and I laughed saying at least it was closer than it was.

A nearby volunteer told me he loved my positive attitude and we had a bit of a chat before he met up with the Hole Captain for the 12th. I loitered listening to the boys receive their instruction as to what to expect and what was expected then wandered up to the tee block to another volunteer questioning her choice of shorts in the, now spitting, cold wind.

The course is in great condition and the fairways look like soft carpet. A little different from the baked grass in Toronto. Clearly there has been a lot of rain here.

I did a lap exploring some of the course as I meandered back to the warmth of the media tent.

I tweeted and chatted and introduced myself to Matt from the LPGA and had a good chat with a fellow golf writer, Brendan (who will now join us on #golfchat on Twitter).

The wind picked up and the rain fell for a while as I clutched a hot tea and delighted in the warmth of the tent.

About 5.30pm I headed out and was planning on watching some more of the golf however it was cold and was starting to rain so I jumped straight on the shuttle that was being driven by my friend Rod.

He told me he had looked at the Fairways website and read all about the Indian juniors and my other blogs from the initial set up to where we are today. He was impressed with the amount of work we have achieved to date.

I laughed saying I was happy to keep him entertained and that I have more stories he can read on the Fairway Foodie blog.

I am hoping the weather is warmer tomorrow but I have my doubts.

I am golfing myself tomorrow afternoon with Josh @golfismental at Calgary Golf and Country Club and as it has been three days since my last round I am getting twitchy.




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