Stanhope Golf & Country Club

Stanhope Golf & Country Club – August 2016

Today I played my 83rd course in two years.

I had been trying to catch up with a some new golfing mates I made at the beginning of this summer – we played in one tournament, The Duel of Dundarave and had been trying to arrange another day to play. We finally found a day we could both make it and looked at various courses to get a tee time.


What a perfect day for golf. 

We ended up at Stanhope Golf & Country Club playing in a shot gun start practice round for golfers playing in the Stanhope Open this weekend. I was playing with Wayd, Craig and Corey.

I picked Wayd up then swung by Craig’s and loaded his clubs in the boot too.

Side note – my boot could fit four sets of clubs in – perfect size car to host golf buddies. Next summer come and tee it up with me on PEI.

We met up with our fourth, Corey, at Stanhope and headed out to the 18th hole.

After an awesome drive, I started the morning with a par.


Love spiders. 

We were playing a four ball match play and before we teed off the boys settled on terms. I couldn’t quite understand all the push, or press or the scores. At the first few holes side bets were taken and I lost track of the various bets. Instead I tuned out and just enjoyed the wind off the water, the club in my hand, the sun on my face and best of all, a fairway under my feet.

The course is in great condition, as it would be showing itself off for the Stanhope Open. The bunkers were full with fluffy sand that was nice to hit from. The course has had a nip, tuck, trim and fillers and the greens ran true.

The grass off the green was shorn short and a few times I putted from a long way off the green and chipped with an 8 iron using a low shot that I play mostly in Scotland.

Today was my 4th round this week and while I still had about a dozen complete duffs, I know I will break 90 this year.

I was nailing my 3w consistently and actually hit two fantastic shots. I was pleasantly surprised when I completed the shot exactly as I had envisioned it and smiled in delight.

I ended up shooting an even 100 – 50 out, 50 in, and while there were some terrible shots, there was so much more good golf and even moments of greatness.

I love this game and I love seeing improvement in all the practice.

I was short or long or pin high but always had the right shot selection. I am over clubbing at times and as my impact improves and my swing relaxes, the ball now travels further.

My putting was quite good and I was doing some great chips but only the balls with tricky lies. If I have a flat lie I seem to push it or leave it short but give me a shot on the top of a hill above a green and I will trickle the ball to within inches of the hole.

That said when I played at Mill River on Wednesday I had borrowed my mate Tim’s 54 degree Titleist wedge and was wishing for that back. It is on my list of clubs to buy.

Just not anytime soon as I am spending my money to go to Calgary for the CP Women’s Open.  Stoked with my media accreditation and am looking forward to watching the women whack balls all over Priddis Greens.

I have had some great lessons with Dave Bowlan of late and my golf is really coming on. After slightly adjusting my swing on my driver (ensuring I use my bottom half and turn through the ball) I added about 20 yards to my average drive and hit a few over 200. My driver was certainly my friend and while I drop kicked it once, it shot 160 yards down the middle of the fairway and it was only on our last hole of the day that I completely duffed my driver.

We were playing the 18th again on our way in and after playing three off the tee I hit three great golf shots in a row.

How can I not want to play again tomorrow???

In fact, tomorrow is the Mixed Club Championship which is alternate shot and known as the Divorce Open amongst members. I was disqualified last year (was sitting in 3rd following the first round) as my partner was 17yrs old soI have roped a golfing buddy Paul, into being my partner who, is a little older than 17.

I am a”how do you get yourself out of the crap you just put yourself in” kind of a golfer, own my shots and love a scramble but I feel bad if I dump someone else with a tricky bunker shot or a ball tucked under a tree.

Fairways and greens for me tomorrow.

Fairways and greens.



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