Day 6 – du Toit All The Way.

It has been a fantastic six days of golf and I can’t wait until tomorrow.

Currently Snedeker sits in 1st place on -9 with Canadian amateur Jared du Toit tied in second place with Dustin Johnson on -8.

Du Toit will be in the final pairing and it was very exciting watching him play today.

The crowd applauds him as he approaches the green and we are all wishing him many birdies. He had a bit of an up and down start with bogie, birdie, bogie on 3, 4 and 5 then bogied 7 and birdied 8 yet none of that seemed to faze him. He just kept plugging away parring everything until the 13 which he birdied then he finished with a 40 foot eagle putt on the 18th.

The crowd cheered with many getting to their feet applauding Jared as he left the green.

So exciting.

I want him to win.


Looking back from the practice area to the 18th green.

Eagles seem to be quite easy to get (not for me – I haven’t had an eagle….yet) but there have been quite a few eagles and the par fives are certainly achievable in three for the big precise hitters.

I spent lots of time watching the crowds today and being in my own bubble, people watching from within the swarm.

I was really pleased to see lots of young golf lovers at the course and think that having 17 year olds or under free is fantastic and I hope this becomes the norm for all golf tournaments.


A great spot to watch the action on the 6th. 

There are lots of interactive things for the children and while some may have been dragged by their parents, all of the ones I saw were having a great time.

The little fellows holding up balls for signatures makes me smile. Perhaps dad is after the  signature but the kids are loving it.

I arrived around 9am this morning and the media centre was empty save for perhaps five of us. I had my morning tea, checked out who was out playing in what partnerships then headed to the driving range to watch some practice.

I spent a bit of time watching Daniel Summerhays who didn’t make the cut and was working on his club head lag. Dave Bowlan (my golf guru) has been getting me to work on mine so I was very interested watching him work.

I have said that watching and playing with good golfers makes you a better golfer and I’m hoping some osmosis may have kicked in this week.

I am twitchy having only played one round and look forward to teeing it up again Tuesday.

I headed back into the Media Centre and chatted with a few folk before heading to the 9th watching some amazing golf by Kizzire and W Kim bagging birdies before I headed to the Spectator Village to check out Robo Golf Pro after being tweeted to come and visit.

A lion wizzed by me in a golf cart and stopped near the kids activity centre and I grabbed him for a quick cuddle.


How lions travel in Canada. 

Who doesn’t like hugging lions?


I hoped whoever was in the suit didn’t melt in the heat. 

I went against the surge of the crowds as they were heading in. I only got stepped on twice and whacked once so it could have been worse.

I introduced myself to the girls at Robo Golf Pro and I got on the machine. I  talked technics and science with Bradley Axon from SFGolfAdvisor then chatted about golf and what I am doing to try and grow the game by sponsoring and supporting junior golfers globally.

He wants to put me in touch with lots of people in California as I told him I will be heading there when I leave Prince Edward Island in September.

At his request I gave him a handful of cards that he is going to pass on to numerous people in the industry.

Heading back to the media centre I stopped at the 7th and watched Rhein Gibson throw a dart at the pin and drop his birdie putt.

After a delicious paella lunch in the media centre (not quite as good as what you get in Spain), I headed to the 15th where Kev and I sat for a few hours yesterday.


Under the bridge on the way to the 15th

There was a sliver of shade and I chatted with a volunteer who was telling me about his annual trips to Australia.

There was lots of excitement from the 14th as Duke chipped in however today there was no birdie hunting on the 15th. The tricky pin position made a par a great score and I witnessed a few doubles.

The lead changed a couple of times throughout the day and I spent more time in the media centre watching what was going on at every hole as scores were updated in real time.

I was wishing for a radio again like there was at the Australian Open and in fact had spoken with one of the PGA Tour Radio guys earlier in the week about why there were not radios. It was fantastic being tapped in to the live feed and knowing what exciting things were happening all over the course.

A lack of a sponsor was the response but perhaps I will just arrange it for next year and do a toonie donation for Fairways to buy one. Surely I can get them branded and in bulk from Alibaba?

I headed back up from the valley and sat by the green on the 16th watching numerous groups come through. The crowd cheered and clapped as du Toit came through and we groaned as he made par as we were collectively holding our breath hoping for a birdie.


Some manky ladies feet nearly in my lap on the 16th

The next group through and Spaniard Rahm dropped a 68 foot putt for eagle. We all cheered such an amazing golf shot.

DJ was in the next group and he made a bad par. When is a par ever bad??? When you have an eagle putt yet settle for par.

I then popped into the PSSI truck and caught up with Kevin who had been very busy with live feeds and data transfers all day.

Instead of heading out with the rest of the crowds I jumped on the media shuttle thinking I would be smart and get an uber on the way to my destination however due to high demand (I did not take into consideration everyone who left the golf would also want an uber) the current price was double.

Instead I contacted my uber lady Samantha and she was free to come and take me home having just dropped someone off.


We have arranged for her to get me in the morning at 8.30am so I can have a little sleep in.

I can’t wait until tomorrow and am rooting for Canada all the way.

Go du Toit!!


An overload of Day. 

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