Day 5 – Tiff and Kev’s Excellent Adventure

This morning I got dropped off at the media shuttle parking lot not too far from Glen Abbey Golf Club.

I stepped on to a waiting shuttle and we drove the few minutes to the course, up the driveway and I was out and in the media centre in minutes.

What an improvement on my arrival yesterday.


The DJ swarm

I introduced myself to Dan Pino the Director of Corporate Communications of Golf Canada and apologized for being remiss and not doing it sooner. In my defence he has been very busy and sits in the corner with Herb then Terry acting as a wall of interference.

We had a good chat and I told him that on Terry’s suggestion I applied for the second time for accreditation for the Canadian Pacific Ladies Open in Calgary next month.

I also told him about Fairways and he wants to introduce me to Andrew Foscarin the Managing Editor of Golf Canada Magazine as they may be interested in writing an article about it.


Shade hunting.

I watched a little golf while having a tea and checked emails and sent a couple of tweets.

Mike Johnny, who I golfed with on Wednesday has run with my Summer Solstice idea and is planning on contacting courses in the greater Toronto area to be a part of a fundraiser next June.

I had a brief chat with Mark Williams from PGA as I headed out to watch some golf, stopping at the 17th tee photographing and tweeting as three groups came through.

I was planning on heading to the 3rd hole but ended up stopping on the 4th tee taking a few photos.

While there I had a chat with two boys and their dad and they told me their favourite golfer is Jason Day. I asked if it was because he was Australian as we are a nice bunch of people but they told me last year he signed some things for them and gave them a fist pump.

Something those boys will remember forever.

I witnessed Steve Wheatcroft have an angry outburst hacking a huge chunk out of the tee box after landing in the water. He threw his club in the direction of his bag and stormed off the tee and under the ropes before his playing partners had teed up.

Poor form.

He didn’t even replace the massive divot he dislodged.


Best red and white I saw all day.

I was just about to send another tweet as Bowditch teed off when Mark Williams phoned me. He left a message telling me I had to stop tweeting and to head in to see him.

I deleted the tweet I was about to send and headed into the media centre.

Turns out I was given some incorrect information and with PGA Tour regulations being what they are I had to delete all the photos of players from my twitter feed from the last few days.

I did exactly that and double checked what I hadn’t deleted was ok and asked what I could tweet.

A sweaty guy came and sat next to me and I commented on the heat. He had just done a lap of the valley and I knew exactly how he felt. I introduced myself to Kevin and we arranged to head out together to watch the golf after lunch.

Kevin works in production with the Golf Channel and as they were only sending packages not live feeds, he had lots of time on his hands to watch the golf.

We were planning on walking the front nine backwards.

I told him about the tweets I had just deleted and I mentioned the Summer Solstice golf I played last month and my idea for next year getting twitter followers to host an event at their home track raising money for Fairways, as I will be doing on PEI.

We got to the 8th tee and meandered down the fairway following whatever group happened to be playing. We stopped in the shade chatting to a volunteer before getting to the green. We may have missed a couple shots while we were talking as I was not ready for one of the golfers to storm off in front of the other players and caddies, punching and kicking a sign.

Cursing what I can only assume was himself.

Seems a few guys were wearing their cranky pants today.

Perhaps they didn’t get the memo that it was red and white day to support Canadian golf not cranky pants day.

As we headed up the 9th, I wanted to have a quick bathroom break so we swung by the media centre before heading out to the 15th.

We stepped over the rope that led behind the 16th tee and walked under the bridge to the 15th and found a great spot for birdie watching.


The 15th green looking down into the valley.

I have been at the golf all week but it was only today I noted the signs the volunteers hold up say Quiet Please Eh. I love it. So very Canadian and I had to get a photo of that.

I chatted to the lady with the sign and asked if I could photograph her and I would tweet her a copy. Turns out her name was also Tiffany and we bonded while Kev took our photo.

We watched group after group birdie hunting with most groups at least getting one. Sabbatini and Hadley both got birdies while their third, Herman parred the hole.

It was a great place to sit and we stayed there a few hours looking down across the valley while watching some awesome golf.


We could even take our hats off in the shade on the 15th.

We then headed back to the media centre for an air-conditioned break, food, water and a chat with a few of the Golf Channel crew.


Kev had pant envy.

I had emailed Mark following the deleted tweets, just so he had a response in writing should any problems arise from HQ so I popped to his desk for a bit of a chat and told him about all the birdies on 15.

I have decided I would like to see a hole in one tomorrow. Just because. Surely someone will drop an ace while I am there to watch.

Kev had to head off and do some data transfers and a little later I followed knowing he would have his feet up while the data loaded.

I was right.

We saw a massive wave of people flowing our way and correctly assumed Day was coming up the 16th. He wasn’t having a great day and at that stage was one over and was flirting with the cut line.

I headed over and watched him miss his birdie putt then went back into the PSSI truck before the wave of people engulfed me but once the swarm had moved on I was back sitting on the hill near the 16th green watching the rest of the field come through.

I had a golf chat with volunteer, Phil, whose mate John happens to be in PEI for four weeks holidaying and golfing and I have given him instructions to get John to hunt me down for a round when I return.

He headed off and I watched another group come through before a lady came and plopped on the ground beside me. I smiled and asked if she was having a good day. Turns out she wasn’t as her son was having a hard day playing. She noted my accent and asked where I am from and we had a chat while her son, Michael Johnson struggled in the tough conditions.

Shari told me about her charity and I told her about mine. She shot over to sit beside me and we talked as Michael holed out.

Her son Bradley ,who was a talented golfer, tragically died ten years ago and they started the Bradley Johnson Memorial Foundation to honour his memory and support junior golfers.

We swapped junior golf NFP stories and contact details then she took my hand and thanked me, saying it was the first time she had smiled today after watching Michael struggle with his golf.

We discussed how we can work together to grow and develop junior golf and she smiled at my assurance I would email her as she followed Michael to the next tee.

I watched Branson Farrier (who I didn’t interview due to PGA restrictions) par the 16th before I popped back in to the PSSI truck with Kev who was still overseeing the data transfer.

I told him about meeting Shari Johnson and he had been doing some thinking while he was sitting there and told me about the people he planned to contact about Fairways for both promotion and sponsorship.

What a day!

By this stage it was nearly 8pm and I took his leave after planning more golfing adventures with him tomorrow.


Setting sun on the 7th as the green staff prepare the course for tomorrow.



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