Ladies Golf Club of Toronto

Ladies Golf Club of Toronto – July 2016 I had an early start today as I was getting my only fix of golf while I was in Toronto for the RBC Canadian Open. I must admit that watching golf and being on the range for the junior clinic run by Bryson DeChambeau yesterday had me twitchy to hit some balls.

I had arranged to golf with Mike Johnny who I had met on twitter and while I would have been happy to play anywhere, after reading about Ada Mackenzie I wanted to play at the club she created.

Mike contacted Pro, Paddy Kelly and we were off. They were very happy to host us for a round and we had the added pleasure of playing with Paddy himself.

Mike picked me up at 5.50am and while while we stopped for a coffee we were still an hour early. So we sat in the car and had a golf chat while I ate my breakfast – a tub of edamame.

Mike thought me a little strange (and I might be – just a little) but it was left over from dinner and as I don’t have a car here I haven’t been to pick up supplies.

So edamame it was.

We were greeted warmly by all the staff and headed inside to meet Paddy although I did have a little something to complete first.

Yesterday I met Dave Burgess from Cobra Puma Golf and he told me about the custom bag they had made for Paddy and I was off to tweet him a photo.

After a successful mission we then headed out to the putting green to meet Paddy.

I think Mike may have wanted to warm up but I usually just step up to the tee and start hitting so instead we chatted and got to know Paddy.

We had decided we would play a social round playing from the yellows. We were all in great spirits and the weather was fantastic as we headed off down the first fairway.

I love the story behind the course and that Ada built it after not being able to get a tee time in Toronto (being female) so with the help of Stanley Thompson she created the Ladies Golf Club of Toronto. Not only did Stanley design the course he also posed as her husband so she could borrow the money as the bank didn’t want to lend to her, being female and all.

She has created an oasis in the city.

And what an oasis it is!

It was early with not too many people about and we were enjoying every minute of it.

Paddy is deadly with his irons, throwing darts at the pins and Mike just kept getting better.

We were thoroughly enjoying each others company, as well as celebrating the great golf that was coming off our clubs.

I was hitting some fantastic shots around the green and give me a challenge and I seem to succeed. Balls sitting on a downward lie in grass above a green side bunker and I’d pop it over the bunker and on to the green no problem.

I didn’t think much of it but it seems I impressed the boys.

While I had a ten and a couple of snowmen, there was more good than bad coming of my club.

My putter was working well and overall I was very happy with my golf but the company was perfect. It was one of those days where everything just seemed to work.

The course is beautiful with lots of changes in elevation and it was awesome having Paddy play as he was giving us great advice where to land our balls.

I don’t get intimidated by shots as I am confident in what I can do with a club in my hand. It doesn’t always work but water or bunkers do not bother me. The boys seem to find this fascinating commenting that perhaps they had too much scar tissue for poor shots in the past.

The course is in fantastic condition even with the recent lack of rainfall. All the holes have a good run up which can help a ladies game. There are also the A holes (yes I hear that too) which are 7A, 8A & 9A which Ada put in as an alternate return to the clubhouse for the folk who only want to play nine.

The fairways have the least amount of divot marks I have ever seen. Paddy commented that when he is teaching, ladies tell him they don’t like to take divots as they don’t want to damage the grass but Paddy encourages them to, as they always make a better connection taking a divot.

I don’t usually take divots, well not the massive strips the boys flicked up after each hit.


Paddy on the upswing. 

Paddy clearly loves his job and it resonates throughout the entire place. All the staff were welcoming, friendly and helpful and Paddy waved, laughed and joked with the members on the fairways around us.

He told us of some fun golf games he has with the members and I love that with some games the ladies get rewarded by throwing water balloons at him.


Photobombing Mike – this was how much fun we had.

Paddy has initiated golf taster sessions in winter with ladies who have not hit a club before. Last year he was hoping to get 40 ladies attend but he ended up with around 270. This  year he has doubled that figure.

Perhaps they have heard about the water balloons.

I had such a wonderful morning with these guys and I look forward to teeing it up again.

Hopefully they will come and visit me on Prince Edward Island very soon and when I am next in Toronto I will be joining Paddy again for another round on this wonderful course.


Paddy, me & Mike.


7 responses to “Ladies Golf Club of Toronto

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  2. Great post, Tiff. It was a truly memorable day filled with stories, new friendships and sunshine (and a few great golf shots….that green side shot of yours over the bunker was awesome). Love the pics and I’ll be viewing this post regularly to bring back memories from a special golfing experience!

    Thanks, Mike


  3. Tiff,

    I loved reading this! Looked like an awesome time and a great course. Mike is a guy I would love to tee it up with again…hopefully you and I can someday as well



  4. Hi Josh,
    It was an awesome day. We all had so much fun and agreed it was one of the best rounds we had played in a while.

    I hope to be in Calgary next month so if that pans out we have to tee it up while I am in town.



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