Day 3 -Practice Makes Perfect

After golfing at the Ladies Golf Club of Toronto , I arrived at Glen Abbey Golf Club at 2pm and headed straight to the Shaw Media centre.

I know I had missed the press conference with Jason Day but I have seen a lot of airtime with him and know his story. I am interested in the players I know nothing about.

Yesterday I had arranged an interview with the PGA Communications Manager Doug Milne and as he was not in when I arrived, I chatted to Mark Williams and told him about my day yesterday and showed him a couple of photos of the kids with Bryson at the clinic at RattleSnake Point Golf Club.

I love the photo of all the kids in the same hat he wears.

I emailed the photos to Mark so the PGA could use them on their social media and not long after Doug arrived.

Doug asked me about my golf history (all two years of it) and I told him that as of this morning I have golfed at 82 courses in nine countries and I am loving it.

I elaborated on my journey from how I picked up a club, to becoming CEO of Fairways, a NFP I have founded, sponsoring junior golfers all over the world.

He loves what we are doing and is going to write an article to be featured on the PGA website.


After chatting with Doug and giving him all my details and he confirming I am indeed here all week, I headed out to the practice area to watch the preparations of the golfers.

I get ideas from putting drills and various kinds of bunker and chipping practice from watching the elite players and do the exact same practice when I am at my course.

Perhaps with a little less finesse.

I chatted with a couple of caddies and took a few photos and stopped to watch Adam Cornelson hit some bunker shots. I introduced myself and we had a brief chat. This is Adam’s first RBC Canadian Open and in fact his first PGA Tour event. He is very excited and so he should be. How awesome to be testing your skills against the best golfers in the world, with Jason Day and Dustin Johnson in the field.

We arranged to do an interview when he finished his practice but he had to get his club adjusted so we have postponed until later in the week.

I also tweeted Branson Ferrier who I missed this morning as I had also arranged to do a Professional Player Profile on him.

I want to know everyone’s golf story. Branson turned pro a little over a month ago and frankly I just want to know more.

I have decided that for the next two days I am going to do what I did at the Australian Open and have an alternate look at the field and instead of following the usual suspects, I will follow young golfers who are just starting out.


The 18th green

I got out of the sun for a bit sitting in the shade at the 7th tee watching some of the ProAm groups come through then headed back into the cool air conditioned media centre.

I may be there lots tomorrow considering it is meant to hit 40 degrees.

I do have a big sunhat but may have to acquire an umbrella for the day and carry my own shade.

I sat in the media centre reading all the press releases from the conferences I missed while I was out teeing it up myself, then checked the schedule for tomorrow working out who I will be watching.

I don’t plan to arrive at 7am but will have four more days with unlimited golf.

How lucky am I?



2 responses to “Day 3 -Practice Makes Perfect

  1. Tiff

    Great coverage of the Canadian Open. As a side note, Adam Cornelson gave me a 10 minute lesson with my 7 iron at a military appreciation event at Wildfire Golf Course a few years back. A very nice young man!



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