Day 2 – The Golfing Scientist

After getting an uber this morning, which took all the hassle out of getting to the course, I arrived just after nine and headed directly to the practice area.

I love watching elite golfers practice and I try to emulate their drills when I am on the range.

I spent the morning having golf chats with everyone I bumped in to and then headed to the Olympic Golf Team Canada announcement. I am not sure which part I liked more.

Hearing David Hearn, Graham Delaet, Alena Sharp and Brooke Henderson (who was linked in from Calgary where she was running a junior clinic) talk about their passion and pride playing for their country, the perfectly timed fly over by the airforce bomber, or watching the Ice in our Veins campaign ad.

I did leave with a touch of Olympic fever.

I would have liked to see Olympic golf be a format different from stroke play – I am thinking team events with men and women earning points for a team gold medal – but I will be watching it just the same.

Following that I stopped back into the media centre and caught up with Doug Milne, PGA Communications Manager, who will be writing about Fairways (very excited about this) and we have arranged to meet tomorrow for a further golf chat.

As I was hoping to hitch a ride to Bryson DeChambeau’s junior clinic this afternoon my first point of contact was Terry Lenyk and he got me sorted with Rick Young from Score Golf.

I had an hour to spare before we headed out so I spent it watching Robert Streb, John Curran and the loping gait of Ángel Cabrera on the 17th and 18th hitting bombs.

Rick was interviewing Bryson prior to the clinic so we left early and made our way to RattleSnake Point Golf Club having a great golf chat on the way.

When we arrived Rick introduced me to Dave Burgess from Cobra Puma Golf and demanded I tell him my golf story – the Fairways story that is.

I also met and chatted with Adam from CN Future Links about junior golf globally.

Last year I had attended a clinic Jordan Speith ran at the Australian Open and I assumed today’s clinic would be similar.

It wasn’t.

Bryson is articulate, engaging, passionate and really wanted to help the juniors who were in attendance today.

I filmed Rick’s interview and then had the pleasure of watching and learning from Bryson as he taught the kids – kids that would out golf me most days.

Bryson is all about physics and it makes perfect sense – I want to get myself a set of single length irons after hearing his theories.

The children were enthralled with his views on golf and what he has done to get where he is and how he is continually striving to perfect the science.

Ok maybe I was the one enthralled but the kids were loving his trick shots and I have never seen anyone hit the ball nearly as good from the left as he does the right.

After a question session, the children all then set up on the range while Bryson visited them one at a time imparting knowledge. I didn’t quite capture the delight on the small faces when they made the adjustments he suggested but Bryson certainly had them all excited.

When asked about practicing Bryson’s response was “Once you enjoy the journey of it being difficult, that is when you know it will be really good”.

A closest to the pin competition followed then Bryson signed autographs for everyone.


I got him to sign three hats that will be prizes at the Fairways fundraiser Avondale Golf Course is having on the 1st August and then tried to arrange an uber.

Uber doesn’t go out that far and before I rang a cab, Dave offered me a ride.

After packing up, Brad (also from Cobra Puma Golf) asked Dave if he was going to dinner. Dave didn’t have time but a drink was arranged and as I didn’t have to be anywhere else I was up for joining them.

Turns out dinner was with Bryson, his caddy, his coach and Dave, Siobhan and Brad from Cobra Puma Golf.

Oh and I was a ring in who was pretty happy to be there.

We got to talking about the science behind Bryson’s theories (which are solid) and I do believe he is as passionate about science as he is about golf.

I love that he is researching, developing and expanding the ideas himself. His new partnership with Microsoft will see some very interesting things evolve from his science lab.

What a great day of golfing adventures!

Tomorrow I am teeing it up with fellow golf blogger Mike Johnny  at The Ladies Club of Toronto and after watching and talking about golf for the last two days I am looking forward to having a hit.


with The Golfing Scientist

2 responses to “Day 2 – The Golfing Scientist

    • Hi Josh,

      I had a great morning golfing with Mike and Bryson is a great guy who has amazing ideas that are left of centre and I love it.

      Perhaps because I am a little left of centre and am doing things a little differently too.

      I haven’t heard about Calgary yet but if I get media accreditation I will be teeing it up with you too.


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