Golf with the Girls – International Women’s Golf Day

Last year I had the pleasure of golfing with the ladies from the Executive Women’s Golf Association of Long Island . I initially met Irene Efstathiadis @LIGreekGolfer on twitter and when she invited me to play, I headed down there to tee it up. It turned into a three day golfing adventure with some wonderful ladies I now call friends.

I had invited the ladies to come and tee it up in Canada this summer but we have had to take a raincheck on that visit. I still wanted to see them so I arranged to head south. I timed my visit with the first Women’s Golf Day, which I like to think of as International Women’s Golf Day considering golf was played at over 400 locations in 27 countries.

I decided to celebrate golf with my Long Island Ladies.

I arrived in the afternoon the day prior and as much as I would have liked to arrange other golfing adventures with them, I only had a short 3 day visit.

Next time I will stay longer.

I went directly to Irene’s house and caught up with her and her wonderful family. After dinner we (Irene, her daughter Effie and I) went for a drive into Queens for dessert. Irene showed me the house she grew up in and told me stories about the city.

June 7th 2016 was perfect weather to play some golf and I was excited to catch up with the women.

Irene and Gayle had a nine hole event planned at Harbor Links Executive Course.

Next visit I plan to play the Championship Course – just saying.

We stopped in at the club house for a golf chat before heading to the Executive Course and after making a little video in the car park we headed in for a spot of golf. We were met by Gayle and chatted about the organization of the golf day and the vision of Elisa Gaudet and the ladies who have helped her create an amazing global event.

My other friends from last year arrived, some knowing I was in town others not. It was great to catch up briefly before heading out to play.

Irene and I played with another lady, Patricia, who was unknown to either of us. Patricia had seen a flier for Women’s Golf Day at a store and researched where she could play. The only other courses having events nearby were private and Patricia was unable to attend then she saw the Long Island event and decided to join us.

We all had some good golf off our clubs but mine was mostly bad. I struggled to get out of the long fluffy rough numerous times as I still tried to pull of links shots on a parkland course. I did learn and adjusted my shot selection and hit some really good balls. Patricia delighted us all on the 2nd chipping and Irene then birdied the 3rd.

I didn’t find any birdies but I did find my ball deep in the rubbish to the right of the 9th. Marked with a big green spider it was easy to spot, in fact I found six other balls in the rubbish too and while Irene was warning me of ticks, I was cheering that I had a shot out of there.

I ended up high just over the bunker but was happy being there for two as opposed to my provisional ball that was about fifty feet from the pin and off the green for three.

Chip and a putt and I was happy with a bogie after teeing off into the rubbish.

As Patricia headed off to the clubhouse, Irene and I waited for the Gayle and Evelyn who were behind us.

As we headed up for dinner we met with Laura, Kathy and Karen and lamented we didn’t have time to play more golf together.

We swapped golf and wedding stories over dinner and I told the ladies all about Fairways and the juniors I had already sponsored. They couldn’t believe the amount of work I had completed in such a short time but when you are passionate about something it doesn’t feel like work really.

And I do like to get things done.

It was great to see everyone however I didn’t really get much of a chance to catch up. I will just have to return and see these lovely ladies again and I do believe I have found an annual event that I will be attending.

What a wonderful way to celebrate Women’s Golf Day.


Golfie with Irene and the Long Island Ladies


4 responses to “Golf with the Girls – International Women’s Golf Day

  1. Tiff

    Sounds like another fun adventure. It is always fun seeing friends again, especially on the golf course. Sounds like an annual pilgrimage to Long Island for the International Woman’s Golf Day has started.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Jim,

    I do believe you are correct and this will be my annual golfing pilgrimage for International Women’s Golf Day although I may stay in town longer next year so I can golf with more of the ladies.



    • I agree Josh. I have found an annual golf event to add to my calendar.

      I also have an event I attended in Scotland that I advised I will attend next year too.

      The BIGGA Spring Outing with all the course managers and head greenskeepers from the Kingdom of Fife. Great bunch of guys and I plan to tee it up again next year.

      I also hope to tee it up with you if I get approval for the ladies in Calgary.


      Liked by 1 person

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