My Golf Revolution

My life completely revolves around golf. In two years I have certainly had some golf adventures and met so many fantastic people that would never have crossed my path if we hadn’t shared a passion for golf.


With the ladies from EWGA Long Island on International Women’s Golf Day June 7th 2016

Anyone who has met me certainly knows I am a golf passionista. I hear my voice rise in excitement as I talk about golf. I can’t help it. My friends think I am crazy and I am.

I am crazy about golf.

I have pilgrimaged to St Andrews every year since I started playing, have played golf for the soul in the mountains in Spain, played barefoot golf in Scotland, sand golf in the desert in Abu Dhabi and had many other adventures as I see the world via fairway.


Determining my new club selection on the 5th at Brudenell River Golf Course

My motto is have clubs will travel, however I have now taken it on a slightly different path.

I am currently working at a golf resort, talking golf all day with clients and catching golf on television. I go home and work until the wee hours on the golf NFP I have founded called Fairways. I make arrangements to golf with new people and sponsors and as I drive around the island, I think about golf and how I am going to grow the game.


Practicing on the range

I have done quite a bit in the nine weeks since I had an idea on the north coast of Ireland.

Working with some fantastic people as we build the foundations of Fairways, we have a soft launch and fundraiser on Monday and have now sponsored seven children on Prince Edward Island. Sponsorship money is coming in and we have nearly generated the money needed for their yearly memberships and lesson packages.

While the golf courses close in winter, I have also arranged for winter golf lessons with a golf instructor on indoor simulators so the juniors can continue golfing and practicing year round.

It is a lot of work but I love it.

I am helping to get juniors out on the fairways as I share my passion for the game.

Can I even call that work?


Best ball find ever – a golfing hotdog.



4 responses to “My Golf Revolution

  1. Your awesomeness has no limits, Tiff. I plan to reach out to the Ladies Club today about access to a round, and a conversation for you. Congrats on the NFP work, it’s inspiring!

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    • Thanks Josh.

      I just finished playing 83 holes of golf for a fundraiser for Fairways and to promote junior golf. I am loving it.

      I am not quite sure what I did before I fell in love with golf.


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