The Addington Golf Club

The Addington Golf Club – May 2016 – Today I had the pleasure of golfing with Felicity  who I had connected with on Twitter last year. She invited Linda and I to join her for a  Lifestyle Caddy event.

I was planning on having a week off golf before I got to Canada but it is golf – how can I say no?


I dragged out my dirty clubs (I will have to repack everything again before Tuesday), threw them over my shoulder and headed to Clapham Junction Station. I was walking with my sister from Clapham South and as she headed off to the metro I headed off towards the Common.

I might have gone the long way around the Common and added twenty minutes to my walk but an hour later I had located the station – after a couple checks on the GPS and asking someone when I was pretty much in front of it.

It was a gorgeous spring day in London and walking with the click of the clubs on my back, off to play my eighty first golf course in nine countries, I could do naught but smile. I noticed quite a few lustful glances (at my clubs not me) as others wished they were not on the way to the office but off to play a round in this glorious weather.

I made the train by minutes and met up with Linda at East Croydon Station where Felicity was picking us up. She was easy to spot being the only other person loitering with a set of clubs.

We got to know a bit about each other until Felicity arrived and we squeezed into her car. Three women, three sets of clubs and three trolleys. It was a little “how many clowns can you fit in this car” but we managed quite well.


Strategically placed clubs.

We joined the other golfers for a spot of breakfast before heading outside and gearing up. I had too many clothes on – last week I was golfing in freezing snow in Scotland and today my tights were unnecessary and in fact I wished I had my legs out.

I was delighted to see complimentary club cleaning and while my clubs were polished until gleaming, I made a new golf friend who is heading to Australia at the end of the year where we hope to tee it up.

A couple of team photos and then we were off starting on the 5th. My drive was ok but I drop kicked The Hawk and played a bit of tennis golf getting the ball into the hole.

My next two holes were as mediocre but lucky Felicity was doing quite a bit better and Linda had big shoulders to carry me.

We were playing a team stableford and it is not good when all of us scratch a hole but we only did that the once.

We all had moments of greatness but they were not consistent and while we stumbled our way around the track with no map or signs, we had a great golf chat.

The practice green was extremely fast however the other 18 were not, so we misjudged the first couple of holes and the greens were bumpy after what looked to be fairly recent scarifying.

We all had some great drives with Linda getting Longest Ladies Drive and I was fairly consistent punching my ball down the middle of the fairway.

I am an agressive putter and dropped some good putts but pushed a couple way past the hole that I had confidently whacked.

I donated three spiders to the course – new titleist balls actually, but as Felicity had just given me a sleeve of balls, the golf gods evened us up.

I got a couple of pars which always make me happy (who am I kidding I am golfing – I am happy).  I did have some great iron shots today although I only really nailed The Hawk a couple of times so I cannot wait until next week when I am back in Canada and can practice and go and see my golf guru Dave.

We had a great day golfing with lots of laughs and I really enjoyed playing with two women who are also creating their niche in the golfing world.

I have been sun kissed and have quite the watch mark and perhaps should not have left my sunscreen at my sisters (I was offloading some weight). Putting sunscreen on when I was on the 13th sort of defeats the purpose however I am glad I am not actually burnt.

While the girls beautified themselves and frocked up I stayed in my stinky, sweaty golf gear (I was not alone in this) and made some new friends. Yes even in my stinky clothes – although they might have felt sorry for me sitting alone while the girls showered but I am very much used to kicking it solo.

I had a good chat and we all sat together when we went in for dinner. After hearing about some of the boys’ sporting prowess, I wanted to find out more. I see professional football players being traded but I wanted to know how it occurred – club not happy with you, you want to leave or if they just trade you without you having a choice.


Quick pic with Razor

So I questioned Razor Ruddock about the ins and outs of trading as I have always wanted to know but never had anyone to ask. I watched him do a trick on a spoon (which I have just tried myself without much luck) and had a good giggle.

Dinner was lots of laughs and before we left we chatted to lots of folk, talking about all things golf – funnily enough.


These Girls Golf



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