Cruden Bay Golf Club

Cruden Bay Golf Club – May 2016 – Today I had the absolute pleasure of golfing at Cruden Bay. I was playing with Neil Birnie, who I met on twitter and I do believe I popped his golfing cherry as I am the first woman he has golfed with besides his daughter Emma.

The weather was forecast to be horrendous and while windy it turned out to be a great day.

I was early as per usual and I was chatted with Murray (the resident Pro) about all things golf and what happens with junior golf and membership at his course. I did a bit of a Twenty Questions with Tiff interview (maybe ten questions) when Neil joined us.

We popped upstairs for a cup of tea before heading out into the chilly wind to play the full course – there is a 9 hole course (St Olaf) in the middle of the 18 hole course which we played afterwards.

I was well wrapped up, three layers on top and bottom and with my neck warmer and was good to go.


Team Red and Team Blue heading out.

It was great playing and chatting and walking and snacking and we cruised around leisurely, letting a group through on the 4th. We sat and chatted while we picked at fruit and nuts and dark chocolate, watching the boys tee off as we looked over the water. Neil told me some of the history of the town, Robert the Bruce, the castle and the defence systems put in place during the war.

The Bay of Cruden is a stunning part of the world and to meander across a golf course hitting some great balls – I must admit I also had a lot of mediocre balls – was a great way to spend the day. And the golf chat was pretty good too.

The wind caused the golf to be a great test today and the 6th hole was more like a par 7. We were both playing from the yellow tees and some drives into the wind just seemed to sit in the air. While I hit some terrible shots mostly my golf was ok.

I did spend quite a bit of time like a mountain goat climbing all over the hills and donated three spider balls to the course. I found three balls so the golf gods kept us in balance.


Mid swing on the 8th.

As I climbed the big hill on the right of the 8th I was worried that I was going to topple down with my clubs strapped to my back. I didn’t find my ball so I dropped one on the hill. It was like a baseball shot with the ball in line with my shoulders but I hit a great shot off the hill and ended up near the green.

We climbed to the top of the hill, both of us stripping off a layer and waited on the 9th tee to let the duo behind us play through. We took photos and snacked while we waited. As they took forever we teed off and then they popped over the hill so we sent them through quite happy just having a natter.


Just laying around.

My drive on the 10th was to the right and this was the first time I saw any sign of the very wet winter that was had by stepping into some thick mud. I had a bit of a laugh looking down at my white pants (my other two pairs of trousers were dirty) thinking how funny it would be if I slid down the hill.

While I stumbled I managed to stay upright and left my ball up on the hill for someone else to find. Another spider donated to the course.

There was a bit of spider action today and not just from me donating three to the course. Neil saw my spider club cover and mentioned his spider tattoo – I too have a spider tattoo and we both have club covers with spiders. Mine is a handmade red back that took me five hours to sew (I hate sewing) that is made out of a pair of socks and a woollen cap. Neil’s is a daddy long legs putter cover.

We get to the 10th green and I am just off the green about 30 feet from the pin and drop the perfect putt. It was never missing. It was a perfect line and I smiled in delight.

The golf gods balanced me on the next hole when I hit a good hybrid and watched it twist and turn and do a big circle to end up in the bunker. It took me quite a few attempts to finally get out of the bunker – but get out I did.


Stunning scenery

Neil decided anything you can do I can do better and on the 12th dropped an amazing 40 foot putt off the green.

Golf is an easy game you, just get the ball into the hole.

As we came down the 18th, we had a quick chat to Murray  who was giving a lesson on the range.

We then holed out and headed into the clubhouse and had an amazing cullen skink (haddock soup) before hitting the St Olaf track.

St Olaf is named as a homage to the vikings who have a burial mound incorporated into the big course on the 18th hole.

St Olaf is a great test of golf but we were both a little tired and lazy and full of soup although we did hit some fantastic shots.

I finished the day with a nice par on the 9th at St Olaf which is always a good way to end a round.

The sun was shining, the views were stunning and I spent the day smiling.

What a great day for golf!


How can you not be happy here?

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