Craigie Hill Golf Club

Craigie Hill Golf Club – April 2016 It was quite cold yesterday when I returned to Perth from St Andrews and met up with Steve to head to his home course – Craigie Hill.

As inclement weather was due late in the afternoon we headed out a couple of hours early to miss it.

Or so we thought.

I do believe Steve might be contacting BBC weather to complain.

The weather was crisp when we teed off just after 11am and there were a few people out.

The course sits in the hills overlooking Perth and has continual changes in elevations which challenge your golf on every hole. Local knowledge was extremely helpful as you can only see so far and except for running up and down hills it was good to know where to aim.

Not that my aim was on line as I was directionally challenged quite a few times yesterday but I always managed to scramble and get that little white ball in the hole. On the 1st, I hit a great drive then hit the ball to the bottom of the hill to the left of the green. A couple of tricky shots and I had a snowman to start.

That would be an 8 incase you aren’t aware of that term.

The 2nd tee and the 18th tee are from the same tee block and I duffed my first shot into the trees then nailed my provisional ball up the hill. Steve suggested that I declare my first ball lost but I like a challenge and like to practice shots from all kind of lies.

I chatted with another gentleman (also in the woods) who was playing the 17th while I was playing the 2nd and he congratulated my shot after I located my ball and whacked it out, over the burn on to the fairway.

I got another snowman on the 2nd and perhaps this was an omen of things to come.

Snow that is not more 8’s.

As we climbed the hills the temperature dropped and the wind picked up. I wasn’t keeping my score but had a few bogies as the snow started swirling.

It was cold and Steve asked if I might like to go in. I have only ever gone in off the golf course because of lightening and I didn’t want to go in. I did delight both of us burrowing into my bag and pulling out a couple of woollen caps and we were happy as soon as our ears were covered.

It got colder and we watched some groups go in but we kept playing. My face was numb and our hands were stinging.  We stood at the teeing ground with our hands buried in our pockets as we got feeling in them before taking our clubs and whacking some wonderful drives straight down the middle of the fairways.

We decided that perhaps the cold was good for our golf.

I was wearing tights under my pants, my wet weathers over the top and had two pairs of socks on but alas my supposedly waterproof Footjoys we not waterproof and my feet were not joyful.


A spot of snow

We came down the 11th as the snow stopped swirling. I nailed my second shot with The Hawk but was a little directionally challenged and ended up under a tree off to the left. Steve suggested taking a drop but I had a shot. I wrapped myself around the tree with my left leg in close to the trunk, my right leg up in the air and amazed both myself and Steve as the ball popped out and landed about 10 metres off the green to the right.


Great shot from this lie.

I finished with a bogie and as the weather improved we teed of the 12th.

We both nailed our drives on the 12th only wishing we were filming each others great shots.

As we got to the green the snow started swirling again and the temperature plummeted. It was icy, yet we persevered. I got two nice pars as I just missed my birdie putt on the 13th and decided the weather didn’t worry me at all.

After holing out the 14th and watching more people come in we decided with four to go we will just keep playing.

The weather improved the sky cleared and the sun popped through the clouds and it was instantly five degrees warmer. I looked back down the fairway from the 17th green and the fairway was steaming. I tried to get a photo but I was just a little too late to capture it on film.

We were pleased to get into the warmth of the clubhouse and the lentil soup was delicious and exactly what I needed to warm me up.

While the weather was woeful, there is something kind of magical playing in the swirling snow – although I do not think Steve agreed with my sentiment.

Craigie Hill Golf Club – April 2016


Golfie while Steve putts.

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