Machrihanish Golf Club

Machrihanish Golf Club – April 2016 – Today I had the pleasure of meeting up with Robbie, a fellow golf chatter from twitter, to tee it up at Machrihanish.

As I have been on the Isle of Arran for a couple of days, I caught the first ferry to Claonaig and met Robbie off the boat and we headed down to Machrihanish.

This part of Scotland is gorgeous. Lots of rugged hills and rolling fields – the place is beautiful.

We posed for a couple of photos on the first – well I did – Robbie prefers to keep his face off camera.

My first drive hit the middle of the beach and Robbie asked if I wanted to hit another one.  I looked aghast (well I hope that is what I was working) as I shouldered my bag and headed down to play from the sand.

I smiled as I caught a strong smell of seaweed and salt from the sea – the Mull of Kintyre actually (and you’re welcome, having that song now running through your head).

I love a links course and while I play a completely different game I love keeping it low and playing a punch and run round.

I popped on to the beach and whacked a 7 iron back into the fairway and we were away. Robbie’s ball was quite a distance away and I admit I was having my third shot before he had his second.

I finished the hole with what I thought was a double but just looked at the card then as the first is a par 5 for ladies so I had a bogie – woo hoo!

I was playing some good shots and my number for the first three holes was 6, 6, 6 and I broke that curse by dropping a 40 foot putt on the fourth. My putter was definitely the star of the front nine and probably the best club in my bag today.

I then got another 6,6,6 (can’t say I am not consistent) before tripling the 8th and finishing with a really good par on the 9th (Robbie’s words – although I did agree).

I played some great shots and once again played the correct shot but I was long or short around the greens. I hit some great balls way to long as I realized I need to adjust my club selection for distances again – good problem to have.

Robbie was throwing darts (mostly) and with a 4 handicap I was not surprised. It made me laugh when shots I would be doing handstands over he was annoyed at himself for being short.

We had a great time chatting, mostly about golf but also  life in general and the pursuit of pleasure and ensuring you enjoy your time above ground

My golf got a little worse on the back nine. It wasn’t just that the wind picked up – I think it may have had something to do with the small honda I had strapped to my back.

Upon returning to the car, I looked to see what I actually had in my golf bag and besides a full set of clubs = I had a litre of water, fruit, snacks, clothes, a putter tool, camera, purse, phone, sunscreen and thirty balls.


I have no idea where they have all come from. I remember leaving Australia and counting eighteen balls and thinking this may be excessive. I haven’t bought any new ones however I seem to donate one to the course and then find two.

Hence why I was not bothered about taking three drops on different holes after a lost ball on the way in – I didn’t look too hard as I was happy to be lightening my load.

As I went to shoulder my bag again on the 13th, I sighed and put it down and asked Robbie if he thought it was heavy. He could barely pick it up initially, not realizing how much crap I had stuffed in the pockets. He laughed saying he would have collapsed holes ago if he was trying to carry the bag of cement with him and I think he would be right it weighing around 25-30kgs.

My arms did get a little lazy but I still had some great shots – some I even managed to string together but then there was my three shots to get out of the bunker on the 17th. I laughed while I exfoliated, I also ate some sand and in fact I just felt my ears – still a little sandy and that is after a shower.

A great links track with great company and after all said and done (deducting my handicap) I ended up eleven over par.

I gave away a lot of shots and while I can read a course pretty well it will be nice to be in the one place playing the same track for a few months to see where I am at.

Here is to cracking 90 this summer.

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