The East Renfrewshire Golf Club

The East Renfrewshire Golf Club – April 2016 I have just returned home following a perfect day for golf in Scotland.

It seems I brought the good weather with me as it has been very wet and overcast for a while and they (like Ireland) have had one of the wettest winters in years.

I arrived early and popped into the proshop and had a golf chat with Pro, Stewart Russell. Bill, my playing partner arrived not long after and we headed out into the glorious afternoon sunshine to play some golf.

The course is still a little soggy in places but a couple more days like today and the track will be fantastic.

Bill gave me lots of information about the James Braid designed track. James apparently said that god designed the course, he just decided where to put the pins.

It is a great test of golf and has many changes in elevations which would test every level of golfer. The views from some of the tee boxes are stunning, looking over the course and the surrounding mountains and the loch.

My driving wasn’t great today but I whacked a few good ones and boy can Bill whack his driver.

I played some good golf getting three nice pars (on the 6th, 9th, and 14th) and a had few good bogies as I dropped long putts while just missing others, pushing the holes to doubles.

It is so nice to be back playing as often as I like to as I really missed it while I was volunteering in Spain. I only played nine rounds in three months and I will never do that again.

Golf makes me happy and is good for the soul.

Bill really came into it on the back nine coming home with six pars in a row. Not a bad way to finish a round!

The 11th hole is a tricky par 3. From the forward tees it is 199 yards uphill and I was happy to take a 6 but I would definitely improve on this if I played the course again.


A look at the 11th, the green is up the top of the hill on the right.

We had a great chat mostly about golf and it was a pleasure to play with someone who has the same outlook on life and golf as me.

Although I don’t talk to my ball, Bill talks to his ball and tells it where it should go and mostly, the ball listens.

I had a couple of great golf moments mostly with my putter but I hit a great hybrid on the 9th visualizing the shot and watching it do exactly what I envisioned curving between the bunkers and finishing on the green. I just missed the long birdie putt but was very pleased with the par.

On the 14th I hit a great drive and followed it up with an alright shot with The Hawk then nailed my third shot (with The Hawk) onto the green, again narrowly missing the birdie putt but grinning just the same as I was playing some good golf.

I came home with three snowmen giving me a total of 105 and after taking my handicap into account I was 8 over par and really happy with where my golf is at for twenty one months playing.

I look forward to being back in Canada so I can practice everything and not just play however, just playing has been wonderful for my course management.

Everyone we met commented on the awesome weather and that this is the best day yet of 2016 and here I am in Scotland, playing golf on a wonderful track.

While I am not sure if the weather can stay this fantastic for the two weeks I am in Scotland, I am sure it is meant to be like this tomorrow when I am golfing once again.

The East Renfrewshire Golf Club – April 2016


Long shadows in the glorious sunshine

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