Castle Hume Golf Club

Castle Hume Golf Club – April 2016 Today I had the pleasure of playing my final round in Ireland (this year anyway) and teed it up with the 2016 president, Gordon.

I met Gordon then popped in to see Pro, Shaun Donnelly for a golf chat and to thank Pat again (who wasn’t around) for The Hawk.

The day after I arrived in Ireland I popped into Castle Hume attempting to get my 3w repaired and as it would have to be sent off, instead I left with The Hawk. My new favourite club.

Gordon had recently been quite ill and this was his first round in eight weeks and in fact his first 18 holes this year as he had only been playing 15.

The 15th finishes near the clubhouse with the final three holes across the road near the Golf Academy.

Today was the 72nd golf course I have played since I started golfing in July 2014 and I still love it.

After holing out the 18th, I have played 172 holes of golf in Ireland (both sides).

I didn’t play the first very well but picked up from there. The Hawk is the club that keeps on giving and even when I hit it very fat (copped a mouthful of dirt – must shut mouth while hitting) it shot down the fairway about a hundred metres. I am very happy with shit shots like that.

My putting was really good again today and long putts were finishing within a foot and medium putts, I was dropping. I missed a couple on the back nine but overall both my putting and my driving were really good today.

On the 10th, I was off the right of the fairway looking at a few trees in front of me and decided I would give it a good whack with my 7 iron and go right over them. The shot was perfect. Absolutely perfect and I admit to grinning from ear to ear while I danced a jig of delight. When I got my card off Gordon, he had written “Great 7 in” next to my score.

I had envisioned the shot and just nailed it. Gordon commented it was a shot you would see on the LPGA and I laughed saying they would hit a wedge not a 7 iron.

Besides the fact one shot does not a golfer make.

I was pleased to nail some really good drives and that crack when you connect and the ball soars, is just so satisfying.

After an awesome drive (if I do say so myself) Gordon asked if I could perhaps stay in town and join the ladies team.

Quite the compliment.

The sun came out on the 14th and was gone before we even finished the hole but I can imagine what this place would be like in summer.

While it was a little soggy underfoot due to so much rain I do love the place through the green rule, particularly when I was on the 15th.

I had hit a fantastic drive followed up by my best strike with The Hawk which was plugged in the softened ground, so I dug it out and lined it up with my 8 iron. Completely miss hitting the ball and getting so much back spin (I can’t get back spin when I try) that the ball went up and plugged in hard not more than one metre in front of me.

I had a good chuckle and popped it on the green second time round.

That is the good thing about golf – you always have another shot.

Following our round we did a drive up to Lough Erne and Gordon gave me a tour.

There was a golf day going on and I saw Paddy Dean (who I played with at Malone on Friday) chipping like a master.

While I didn’t play Lough Erne, I do believe that Sir Faldo has designed a great test of golf.

This is one course where I would have to play more measured and considered shots, as I think the course would play you if you tried to do things beyond your skill level.

Following our tour of the track, we returned to Lough Erne bar for a spot of lunch as the clubhouse at Castle Hume is closed on Mondays.

I said a quick hello to Bert McKay (from Castlerock) and then had a quick golf chat with Lynn McCool (Director of Golf at Lough Erne).

Back to see Shaun at Castle Hume before I had to run as I had a massage treatment booked for my shoulder.

It felt really good today although I had two days rest and I have another eleven rounds booked in the next two weeks so I figured a treatment would be good – and really, who doesn’t love a full body massage?

Bags are now packed and loaded in the car as I am off at 5.30am to fly to Scotland for more golfing adventures that start on Wednesday.

How lucky am I?

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