Glasson Country House Hotel & Golf Club

Glasson Country House Hotel & Golf Club – April 2016 I arrived nice and early this morning and had to stop at the top of the driveway to take a photo over looking the back nine down to the water.


Stopping at the top of the driveway to take a quick photo.

I met with Gareth and had a brief tour of the place. A wedding reception was being set up in the room overlooking the 18th green and down to the water.

We then visited the new practice facilities. I love to practice as much as I play and as I haven’t been able to practice much of late, I would have loved to stay there and hit balls for hours.


The new practice facilities

But I had golf to play.

Glasson Country House was the residential home of Tom & Breda (who I had the pleasure of meeting) and their children two who I also met- Fidelma and Donal who was off to catch a plane.

The place is wonderful. Imagine growing up in that fantastic home surrounded by farmland.

Tom decided to ditch the farm and build a golf course on his land and while risky this was a great success. Not long after, the hotel was built to compliment the course making the place a golf destination.

I had a quick cup of tea and I explored the upstairs where the wedding reception would be in full swing later tonight.


Frances arrived not long after and as we knew the weather was going to turn (it was lovely and sunny at this stage) we followed Tom’s suggestion and headed out to play the back nine first.

Twelve holes are on one side of the hotel and you come around the front of the property for the final six.

We played the 10th and as we were halfway down were met by Mary who joined us.

What wonderful women and some great golf chat was had.

Mary plays off 9, chips beautifully, and was throwing darts at the pins from all over. Frances and I had some great shots and some that weren’t so great but that certainly did not diminish our pleasure.

I can’t stop raving about The Hawk and after nailing a shot the ladies complimented, I told them I had only owned the club a week.

I can certainly give it a good nudge. In fact I don’t think I will repair my 3w.

I hit a great drive on the 13th closely followed by one of the best 5w shots I have hit that went exactly where I aimed it and landed not far off the green. I finished with a bogie (I am always happy with bogie golf).

The outlook from the 13th green is stunning and we stopped for a few photos and a spot of filming.


Posing on the 13th with The Hawk

The 14th was another good hole for me with six proper golf shots in a row for a nice bogie.

My putting was very good today and I am reading greens really well if not dropping the ball I am not too far off.

Then I got to the 15th. I hit my first ball not poorly but a little directionally challenged and a little short and heard the crack as it hit a rock. Mary suggested to hit a provisional ball.

This one I whacked straight into the water, amid a little laughter I then proceeded to hit a second preliminary ball that punched about twelve feet in front of me and didn’t even make the water. I darted off to pick it up deciding to take a drop if I couldn’t find my first ball.

While collecting my third ball I found five, so clearly I was winning.

I stopped to film the swan and her nest full of eggs (or maybe she collects wayward balls) nestled in the reeds in the water.

I then took a drop and chipped up on to the green as the wind picked up and the sky opened up. We all stopped to put our wet weathers on and by the time Frances was struggling to pull her pants over her boots, it was raining steadily.


The rain rolling in.

There we were just off the green on the 15th, Mary holding an umbrella over us as Frances had a foot in the air and I pulled her wet pants over her boots while she leaned on me for support, with all of us giggling.

The struggle was real but we finally got there and I followed two really good holes with a nine on a par three.


Mary & Frances on the 17th green

That is my golf. I can do great things with all clubs in my bag but I have a blowout here and there and I am ok with that.

The 16th is a really long uphill par 4 and I hit a great drive and another great 5w that ended up in the bunker. A great 8 iron out of the bunker on to the green and a putt just like Johnson at the Masters – online and very nearly there just not quite.

Again happy with a bogie on the second hardest hole on the course.

After playing the 18th and admiring the home that the Reid’s grew up in, Frances had to head off and Mary and I stopped for a cup of tea and further chat before she too had to take off.

I then headed out on the front nine and caught up with a trio of ladies on the 4th tee. They waved me through and I smacked my drive then followed up with an awesome shot with The Hawk that hit the green. The ladies asked what my handicap was shaking their heads when I said 26 (my current Canadian one) and I told them they haven’t actually seen any of my crap shots but two awesome shots off my club. When I hit the green and putted to within inches of the hole I was very pleased to get a par on the hardest hole on the course.

What a way to play through!

I then caught up with another duo on the 7th and once I holed out here I waited a little before teeing off on the 8th. As I had a two hour drive ahead of me and was waiting quite a bit I picked up my ball checked the course map and turned around heading back to the hotel.

I probably should have double checked the map as I walked three holes out of my way then ended up on the 2nd green and couldn’t get through the fence and had to walk the length of the hole to find the break in the fence.

The good news was that today I could actually use my right arm to push my cart.

I did watch a guy pop his clubs over the fence and jump over and I was tempted to do the same but I quickly dismissed this as I already had a sore shoulder. Trying to navigate the bag, the cart and myself, I envisioned complete stupidity and instead continued walking through the rough.

I stopped in to see Gareth and Fidelma on my way out and admired the formal attire of the wedding guests. So many beautiful frocks and the sun was back out glistening over the water. What a lovely spot it was for a wedding.

Golf in Ireland and Northern Ireland has been wonderful and I can’t believe I only have one more track to play here before I head to Scotland -this year anyway as I will be back in Ireland very soon.

Glasson Country House Hotel & Golf Club – April 2016


With Mary and Frances on the 13th (obviously)

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