Seapoint Golf Links

Seapoint Golf Links – April 2016 My first taste of golf in Ireland and what a treat. I arrived early (as per usual) and hung out having a golf chat with resident Pro David Carroll.

I then headed into the clubhouse for a tea while I waited for Conn from Real Irish Golf, who was my playing partner today.

I was chatting with Donna in the clubhouse asking questions about membership and she introduced me to the General Manager, Bill Brown.

We chatted about golf in Ireland, learning programs for juniors and women, different membership options and the various competition (we are in Ireland after all there is nearly a golf course on every corner).

Conn turned up and as we talked further, Bill returned with Declan Branigan who I learned not only designed this course (and other tracks in Ireland) is an international champion amateur golfer having won numerous Irish Championships back in his competitive days. While I hadn’t heard of him before (new to golf and all) Conn was well aware of his renown.


Proof there was blue sky and sun in Ireland today (apparently first in weeks)

It is the first time I have met a golf course designer so I was very happy to pull out my camera and ask about the course construction, project duration and the integration of the natural landscape.

As we were caught up talking David Carroll came and got us and as I waited for Conn to get his gear David gave me a Ping Rhapsody 5w to use for the round. I had told him earlier that my 3w died when I was playing in Spain and I had bought a second hand 5w to get me out of trouble while in the UK. He laughed out loud when he looked at it and thrust the Ping in my bag and said this was what I needed.

We teed off the 1st and my drive wasn’t too bad and for my second shot, I pulled out the 5w Dave had just given me. Wow what a difference ladies clubs makes to my game. I have also never had a 5w in my kit and boy could I hit it.


Check out the shaft flex on the 5w

Numerous times after whacking some awesome shots, Conn told me to stop and appreciate the shot I had just hit. I might have been in love and was trying to work out how I could keep this club for the rest of my Irish and Scottish golfing adventures.


My new friend that I will meet again.

I also pulled out the older Callaway 5w just to give it a nudge. I could hit it quite well but they were not the amazing shots that were consistently coming of the Ping (I only mishit one 5w today). I was also testing the Ping in various conditions. From the longer rough and behind gorse and it just kept on working.

I love it and need it in my life.

Conn can play a good game of golf and he also has quite the golf chat. He has started a new business doing golf tours in Ireland. We talked golf in Ireland and what is going on in the other countries I have visited and utilizing social media.

I was very happy to par the 2nd, 4th and 8th and had 50 on the front nine.

The 10th and I had a great drive followed by a sweet 5w then just clipped the back of the left green side bunker with a very well hit 3 hybrid (can’t be unhappy with a well hit shot regardless of where it lands). Inches higher and I would have been sitting on the green but that is golf and off to the beach I went – and stayed there a while. Four shots to get out of the sand and I ended my blowout hole with a 10.

That is golf – well my golf anyway.


No birdies but a cheeky fox.

I was really happy with how I was striking the ball and my putting was pretty good (Conn’s words not mine). Sometimes too far past the hole but I was reading the greens very well. The front nine my low punch and runs (very good for links golf) were well weighted however on the back nine I was on line but heavy handed.

For months, I haven’t been able to spend time practicing as I am just playing and while there are still a lot of inconsistencies with my game I am really happy with how it is coming along.

Having a fellow golfer tell me that I am hitting the ball really well and definitely not the 26 handicap I currently have in Canada (Australia I think officially still 32) was very nice.

I can’t wait to get practicing in Canada and see how I can continue improving my game.

Post round there was a lot more golf chat with Conn and David (the secretary) before we enjoyed a meal in the clubhouse.

I then interviewed Conn and he had told me he wanted to ask me some questions. I just didn’t realize he wanted to film it until he stuck his hand out for me to give him my camera.  He directed me outside and asked me about my golf, what I was doing, women in golf and various other questions.

While I talk to camera as I golf and have interviewed dozens of people it was the first time I have been interviewed myself.

As my golf has been cancelled tomorrow due to expected horrendous weather, I can get on top of things and edit all the videos I shot today.

My first look at golf in Ireland was fantastic and I look forward to the other rounds I have booked.

Seapoint Golf Links – April 2016

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Declan Branigan – Course Designer

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Conn – Real Irish Golf

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Tiff (as interviewed by Conn)

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