Ireland Bound

I have just finished packing the same clothes I have been rotating for the last seven months. It will be good to be back in Canada just so I can wear something different.

I have been in Spain for eleven weeks and have had some fantastic experiences. How can you not enjoy Barcelona?

Last week was Easter school holidays which I was very happy to take. I spent three days golfing.

On Monday I played golf at Real Club de Golf El Prat and had a three hour golf chat with Jordi post round, so we pretty much talked golf for around seven hours with a little life thrown in.

Tuesday and I was back at LLavaneras with Enrique and Joan for a round in the gorgeous sunshine. Last time I was there the greens were flooded. I played a much better round this outing although the head snapped of my 3w on the 16th (the last time I needed it that day anyway) and this made me a little sad.

Following golf we went for a spot of lunch and chatted about life (and golf). I must say my spanglish has improved so much, if only my Spanish was as good.

Wednesday and I gunned it up to Peralada for an amazing day of golf, food, wine and history, which I have already written about in detail.

Wednesday night, I swapped cars and headed to Rachel’s home in L’Ametlla del Valles where I had the pleasure of spending time with her and her family. Rachel is a teacher at the school where I have been volunteering for nearly three months.

As I arrived late, we ate and chatted before I retired to my cosy room overlooking the village with views to the mountains. I felt so welcome and had a good sleep in the next day before Rachel, the girls and I went for a walk in the mountains then I cooked us all lunch. I made cauliflower soup and pasta with chicken, avocado, spinach and goats cheese sauce. I will have to write the recipe for as it was delicious and it was the first time I made it.

Fernando (Rachel’s partner) is a bit of an apothecary and I had herb envy looking at all the various bits and pieces he has in his kitchen. I would like to learn more about the medicinal properties of plants and have that on a mental list to do so (when I have time).

Last weekend was the first weekend I have not had plans (besides my weekend in bed sick)  since I arrived in Spain. I went for a 10km run around the village and just kept following random streets and lanes and through fields and tracks with no idea where I actually was but knew I would find my way home.

As it was Easter and I don’t eat cake I bought myself a block of dark chocolate and melted it with a tiny bit of milk and filled (yes filled) a coffee mug and dipped strawberries and bananas in it. I did this two days in a row but decided this was my easter treat plus I had just run 10kms.


Liquid pleasure

Tuesday and while I was meant to be at school,  I had an appointment in Barcelona so I was very happy to take a day off and wander around the city for the last time (this visit) and lunch in a park looking at the Sagrada Família.

I was fascinated watching the cranes operate at such a height and was thinking it would be fun to be a dogman* sitting up there assisting the crane operator overlooking the amazing city of Barcelona.

(*Note – a dogman is an Australian term for a worker who secures the load and directs the crane operator).


I had my last two days of school and I was not sad to be leaving. One of the teachers said “Thank you for inspiring us with your positivity and for always being happy”. I had not long finished telling her and her class I would never do volunteer teaching again and would go back to construction as I would rather build a wall than try and get students to speak English.

Friday was very rainy but I had golf booked and I wasn’t going to miss experiencing the beauty of Montanyá for a second time. I met up with Guillem and enjoyed another delicious meal pre golf – I must admit this is the first time I have played golf full of food.

This time there was no work photographing or videoing but enjoying the pure pleasure of the course with Guillem and Toni. Guillem is planning a visit to the east coast of North America to golf next summer.

Following our round I had another wonderful golf chat with Jordi (the General Manager at Club de Golf Montanyá) and I am so pleased to have met so many wonderful people in the short time I have been here.

Today the only thing I had to do was pack and when Teresa asked me if I would like to watch Sara play clarinet and some traditional dancing from this area I readily agreed. My last little taste of Catalonia.

I have had a wonderful experience in Spain and the family I have stayed with have been fantastic but I am ready to continue my adventures.


The final english lesson at home.

Tomorrow I fly to Dublin and get to see some of my family I haven’t seen for a year. Then I have twenty rounds of golf arranged in twenty eight days.

Ireland, here I come!


7 responses to “Ireland Bound

  1. As much as I would love to tee it up with you I will take a rain check for when I return to Ireland. I am staying in Enniskillen and Portstewart and have 21 courses lined up in 28 days in Ireland and Scotland so yes I do have a lot of golf planned.


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