The Peralada Experience

Hotel Peralada – March 2016 After playing a wonderful but windy round of golf at Golf Club Peralada I met with Rachel for a tour of the hotel facilities.

Half of the hotel rooms have been renovated with the remaining rooms scheduled to be completed by the end of April.

I love the interior design, as I am a fan of natural materials and the use of bamboo, cane, timber, and bricks work so well together. I love the textured paint on the walls and the crunch of the straw mats down the halls that I am sure the cleaners don’t like as much as I do.

One thing I really liked in the rooms is the timber framed cupboard doors with pieces of hessian attached with velcro. I was trying to work out how I can incorporate that at my house and if the look would fit my farmhouse but I think it is more suited to the Mediterranean hotel I was touring.

We stopped by the indoor and outdoor pool then headed downstairs to the spa facilities.

I didn’t want to leave the special spa room for two. There is a double day bed for relaxing, a massage bed, a spa bath and a sauna for two. From the tiled floor to the soft furnishings on the bed, I asked Rachel if she could send a masseuse and I could stay there.

There are other spa facilities that you can book for couples or groups that boast massive spa baths, saunas, a foot bath with rocks to walk on, experience showers that douse you with white wine or red wine or just plain water.


White wine shower on the left and red wine in the middle.

Following my tour I met with Petra and headed to the restaurant for a spot of lunch. I wasn’t sure what to have as everything sounded delicious. I was sold on the dish that had goats cheese for a starter, green beans with ham and goats cheese and followed it up with slow cooked pork cheek.

I can’t believe I haven’t eaten pork for so long. This was amazing.

Petra ordered two starters and I must admit I might have had plate envy when her first dish arrived. Egg and mushrooms with a mushroom soup, the presentation of the dish makes it more of an experience than just lunch.

I looked over the dessert menu briefly asking what three textures of chocolate was, I didn’t order this but saw someone else get it and it is a layer of chocolate with chocolate mousse and chocolate gelato. It looked amazing but I am more a cheese girl than chocolate and after mentioning this Petra asked Edu, our waiter, if they had the cheeses set up. He said they didn’t but could certainly bring us a selection of cheese for dessert.

Edu went one better and surprised me bringing out deliciousness on a cart. I was in cheese heaven and couldn’t stop smiling. He told me all about the different cheeses from Spain and France and asked what I would like to try. I selected three that I really wanted to taste and asked him to surprise me with the rest.


Cheese heaven

Petra tasted everything but I cleaned the plate. I could have just had cheese for lunch.

What a treat!

Following my amazing lunch I was off to have a tour of the vineyard and cellars with Josep.


with Petra surrounded by Peralada wines

Peralada have five different vineyards growing various grapes in different soils. You can see the different soils on the shelves behind us in the photo above. I visited one of the vineyards then hit the cellars before visiting the Museo del Castillo de Peralada.

History is one of my favourite things and I couldn’t believe the extent of collections within the museum. The history of the castle dates back to 1285 and after rebuilding following damage from a war, three counts with no sons, the property ended up for sale in 1923 and was purchased by Miquel Mateu i Pla. An industrialist who had a passion for collecting, like his father before him, he now had the space to house all of his treasures.

The amount of treasures within this building is staggering. Glass, crystal, ceramics, stones, coins and my favourite the 80,000 odd books in the library.


What a space.

We started in the fourteenth century Church del Carme before heading into the rooms full of the various collections.

Some of the coins date back to the reign of Pedro I (1196-1213) and I grabbed Josep’s arm exclaiming “Imagine all the people who have touched that coin”. What could one of those coins purchase at the time – a loaf of bread or your food for a week? The more I saw the more I wanted to know.

Then we headed into the library.  I am a book lover. I have loved books from a very young age and it is not often I am speechless. While I might not even have a boyfriend I have decided where I want to get married – in the library in the Castell de Peralada.

There are thousands of books here, over one thousand copies of Don Quixote in thirty three languages, atlases from the 1400’s pre Colombus, documentation from the monks (who had fantastic penmanship) from the 9th century and the best written collection of the history of Catalonia over hundreds of years.

I could have spent days exploring all the individual treasures within this museum and weeks in the library.

We then headed to the basement and looked at the original barrels where the monks aged their wine, the old olive presses and taps and so many other bits and pieces.

I was sad to leave this fantastic place, but I had wine to taste.

A quick stop for a photo outside before we headed back up the road for a wine tasting.

I am not a big drinker (and in fact haven’t really drank much in the last couple of years) but from the delicate Cava to the robust Reds my tastebuds danced as I sipped the wines produced in Peralada.

What a fabulous day!!!!

Golf, food, history and wine.

When can I return?????

Peralada Pleasures – March 2016




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