Golf Peralada

Golf Club Peralada – March 2016 On Wednesday I drove north to play at Golf Peralada. It was a beautiful day but windy and by windy I mean it was blowing 50km per hour winds by the time I teed off.

After doing a couple of laps of the streets surrounding the course, I eventually parked in the staff car park and grabbed my bag and met with Pro Paul Brown. Paul asked if I wanted to go to the range and warm up but I was happy to just get out swinging.

So off to the 10th we went.


We played the back nine first as Paul was only able to join me for nine holes before he headed off to give a lesson. I started ok with two doubles and in that wind I was very happy while Paul split fairway after fairway with his driver nailing the ball and getting some nice pars to start.

It was strange not having my 3 wood and every time I went to my bag I was a little disconcerted for a moment with the missing club (and the spider cover). The head snapped off my club when I went to replace the spider the previous day after nailing an awesome 3wood at Llavaneras.


The day my 3w died.

I don’t have any other woods in my bag, I have a driver then two hybrids so my hybrids got quite a bit of action. While I had a blowout hole and might have shot an 11 all told as I went in the most indirect route finally managing to sink the putt, overall on the back nine I was pretty happy.

I was hitting some great irons on to the green and my putting wasn’t too bad. Paul was giving me some great advice and it is always nice when you pull off exactly the shot you have just had suggested to you. I didn’t do this every time but enough that the good definitely outweighed the bad.

I had my usual golf snacks (banana oatmeal slice and fruit and nut mix) which I shared with Paul and clearly this must have helped his golf.

Paul was playing fantastically and suggested that I caddy for him. Sometimes I have been known to be a bit of a golf whisperer and people I play with have the best round they have had in a long time. A friend of mine (Jeremy) thinks I distract from the golf with chat so you don’t overthink your shots which makes it a more relaxed swing which all golfers know is better for your shot.  Paul shot one under – he had one bogie, two birdies and the rest pars and it was fabulous to watch.

It was like there was no wind at all.


Paul in action.

The back nine has a couple of changes of elevation with a little water coming in to play on the 17th & 18th. I must say I love looking around at the mountains that surround the course and there is something to be said seeing snowcapped mountains in the distance as you golf.

Just beautiful.

Following nine holes we headed in for a spot of tea and an interview in the restaurant overlooking the course.

I sent Paul off with another bit of slice and as he went to teach, I went to golf the front nine.

I played the front nine solo, videoing and photographing as I played. I started quite well considering the wind picked up and my ball was now blowing off the tee. I did give myself a second shot on the 2nd that I didn’t count as when I swung through to tee off, the wind blew the ball off my tee just before I connected and the ball went about 20 feet. I decided I would give myself another shot with no penalty.

I caught up with a foursome on the 5th who waved me through and I was really happy with my first five holes only being 6 over as the wind was making it quite difficult. I had worked out how to putt in the wind and dropped some good putts using the wind to help blow the ball into the hole.

The 6th I completely stuffed getting an eight on a par three. I duffed the hybrid off the tee then a good shot from the bottom of the hill into the bunker on the left (my only decent connection on the hole) three shots to get out of the bunker and I topped the last and it shot into the right bunker, out in one then a two putt.

Not ideal but that is golf (well my golf at times).

I then nailed my drive on the 7th, followed up with an awesome hybrid that vanished so I took a drop, punched a nice 9 iron just off the green, then a two putt.

Quite a good bogie considering I dropped a ball.

I was then delighted to par the 8th. I did three great golf shots in a row then looked at the short putt with the wind behind me and as I lined up I giggled to myself as the wind blew the ball a couple inches closer to the hole. I barely connected and worked with the wind, pleased when I watched my ball drop.


What a backdrop to my par on the 8th.

The 9th was a bogie and overall considering the 50km winds I did pretty well. A blow out on both the front and back nine, no wood in my bag and rushing my tee shots to try and beat the wind blowing my ball off, I was very happy with my round.

The Tramuntana Wind was blowing a gale and I witnessed quite a few golfers leave after nine as they struggled to fight it, so I was pleased not only to play 18 but to get some good golf in.

The golf club also has a nine hole pitch and putt but instead of playing that, I got a tour of the newly renovated hotel and the spa, enjoyed lunch at the restaurant then headed off for a tour of the vineyard, wine cellar, and Museo Del Castillo de Peralada (more about that here).

The only question I had was when can I return??

Golf Club Peralada – March 2016

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Paul Brown – Golf Club Peralada


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