Golf La Roca

Monday, I played at Golf La Roca, my 60th golf course since I started playing. I joined a great group I initially found online – The Sant Jordi Golf Society. I emailed them back in January trying to coordinate a time to join them and as they play Thursdays (I volunteer Thursdays) I was given the coordinator of the “butifarra” Monday group and was finally able to arrange a Monday I could get there.

My playing partners were decided by Xavier throwing all our balls in the air and the balls that landed close to one another were playing together. Quite a novel way of allocating groups. I had the pleasure of playing with Craig, Les and Paul.

Besides the individual stableford, we also played Match Play – my first ever. Les and Paul decided it would be Team Aussie against them. I didn’t argue as I’d already been told Craig  was one of the golfers in the group. It turns out he also has very big shoulders (to carry me) and a pretty good game of golf. Not bad at all for his five years playing.

I won two holes for us and the rest,  well let’s just say I was very itchy today and scratched quite a bit on the back nine on my individual stableford. I did a few good things but spent quite a bit of time laughing at my golf as it was terrible.

It didn’t help that I was so full of pork (yes the pork that I hadn’t eaten for 18 months before I arrived in Spain) from the butifarra I scoffed down at the turn.

As I had spent the past four days in bed ill and hadn’t eaten much I was hungry and seriously who doesn’t love a sausage sizzle? In retrospect I should have stuck with the banana and water although It was nice to sit for a little rest before heading back out again.

The first nine holes weren’t too bad, but I went down hill from there.

The track is in pretty good shape and the greens were very fast. I wasn’t putting well as I just couldn’t seem to read the greens.


A few shots started like this.  

I donated a ball to the water off the tenth tee. I nailed my shot and it went left (I might have over compensated for my constant shots to the right) and as I climbed over the hill I realized the water hazard curved all the way behind the hill and my spider was swimming.

I then proceed to donate another 3 balls to the course. Lucky we won our Match Play which won me a ball from Paul.

Sunday evening I watched all my golf lesson youtube clips and was conscious of everything I should be doing however it didn’t seem to help my round. I spent a lot of time in the rough on the right which had been recently cored.

Dave (my golf coach) says in his last clip that if I feel too close to the ball and too far left I am in the right position. I just couldn’t seem to find the right position on Monday.

I was hitting the ball exactly where I aimed, it was my alignment that was off.

I hit an amazing seven iron on the 13th one of my best connections of the day and I watched it sail to the right and drop into the water. I smiled at Craig as he gave me a bit of a “better luck next time shrug” and I told him I was very happy with the shot.

Not where it landed but I hit it very well.

I love that feeling when you hit the perfect shot. It is just effortless and  you are left considering what was different about that shot? What did I do? Was it my stance, my wrists, my grip, or was it just the golf gods playing around with you saying “sorry about the last seven shots but you do really have a game in you”?

I was hitting some well weighted chips around the green with my 8 iron but it was just taking me too many shots to get there.

It was great being out swinging again but Monday was the first time I have ever played golf that I have not been a little bit sad at the 15th, knowing it would soon finish. I was tired by the end of the round and looking forward to sitting down.

When I got back to my borrowed car I could’t unlock any of the doors  so I had to unlock the boot and climb through to unlock the doors.

As the clubhouse was closed we headed down the road for a post round drink and golf chat and as I couldn’t lock the car, my clubs came into the cafe with me.


While I might not have the most expensive clubs they are my babies and considering I have three rounds to play next week I can’t golf without my clubs and am not risking getting them stolen, so into the cafe they came.

Golfing in Spain has been the least amount of golf I have played since I started playing in July 2014. I have only played five rounds in the last two and a half months and while I have four rounds lined up in the next two weeks, I will be happy to be home on PEI where I can play or practice everyday.

Before I get to that daily golf utopia, I will be golfing my way across Northern Ireland and Scotland.

How lucky am I?

Here is to whacking well.

Golf La Roca – March 2016






2 responses to “Golf La Roca

  1. Love reading about your global golf adventures. Way to represent with the Brudenell River hat, too. Sounds like an amazing experience. Have a safe trip and I look forward to reading more.


    • Thanks Mike. I have three rounds next week and then a final hurrah at Club de Golf Montanyá which is a must play whenever you come to Spain. Then I am off to Ireland and Scotland. Can’t wait. Hopefully my golf will improve.

      Liked by 1 person

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